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Nannies with own children....what happens if nannies child sick?

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matilde · 08/08/2006 15:43

just quick question to see if anyone has experience of what would happen if nanny's own child is sick and nanny cannot come to work? How does that work with sick pay etc?

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matilde · 08/08/2006 18:37


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mettephebs · 08/08/2006 18:39

I'm a nanny with own child. The few times my child has been ill her dad would stay at home or if it's only a cold I ring the family I work for and ask if I can bring her. It has never been a problem for me. I wouldn't expect to get paid if my child was ill and I stayed home.

matilde · 08/08/2006 18:45

thanks mettephebs....yes, hadn't thought someone bringing child to work as a possibility. I have someone with own child starting in couple of weeks and need to have those sorts of discussions this week. Wasn't sure what the norm was

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dmo · 08/08/2006 19:53

whats nanny doing with own child in school hols

matilde · 08/08/2006 19:55

bringing to work with her in holidays

OP posts:
dmo · 08/08/2006 19:59

she sounds bit like a c/m but uses your home and looks after your children only
does her child go to after school club

thechildsslave · 08/08/2006 20:34

Why would her child go to after school club?

dmo · 08/08/2006 20:37

depends on nannys hours
but if child is coming to house in the hols the child must be at school, and if nanny works till 5 somebody will have to have her child unless nanny picks own child up from school with nannyed children

thechildsslave · 08/08/2006 20:45

very rare to get a nanny job that finishes at 5pm

dmo · 08/08/2006 20:45

who has her child then?

thechildsslave · 08/08/2006 20:47

surely she would

thechildsslave · 08/08/2006 20:48

As in why would she take a job to look after other peoples children and not look after her own . That seems a bit strange to me .

dmo · 08/08/2006 20:48

sorry just never heard of nanny with own children

thechildsslave · 08/08/2006 20:57

There are loads of them . Those once young nannys who used to party all night (lol) grew up and got married and had kids of their own . Then the real work began .

mettephebs · 08/08/2006 21:02

it's actually very commen to have a nanny who brings her child with her. You could call it nannyshare. I have had my daughter with me since she was a baby and it works very well. All the children has really benefited from it.

dmo · 08/08/2006 21:03

didnt realise
so do the parents not mind the nanny bring their child to the house and that the nanny will be dropping/picking own child up from school?
so if nannys child is sick with a cold (to ill to go to school) the nanny would be able to bring the child to the nanny job!
would it not intrupt the nannyed childrens routines?

thechildsslave · 08/08/2006 21:06

Its all swings and rounabouts really . The mumcould not go to work if nanny dosnt come in . Its all give and take .

dmo · 08/08/2006 21:10


matilde · 08/08/2006 22:21

mettephebs, how many children do you look after (apart from your own) and how old are the children now?

OP posts:
thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 08/08/2006 22:25

when I had a nanny with her own child we wrote into the contract that we were both happy with her bringing her dd if either her dd or mine had colds. if any of the 3 kids were ill with something a bit more serious then we'd swap her days round - she only worked 3 days a week and my work was flexible - so as long as I did 6 days over 2 weeks it would have been ok. in the event it never arose

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 08/08/2006 22:26

in my case she brought her dd to work normally - realise now you're not asking about this

mettephebs · 09/08/2006 09:47

when my daughter was 3 months I went back to my job looking after a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 2. They then moved to Cananda and I got another job my daughter being 10 months at the time and the little boy being 4 months. They interact very well. They're now 1 and 8 months old. They moving though so I'm looking for a job again. Do anybody know of somebody needing a nannyshare soon in north London??

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