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CM-problems with part time mindees fees

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mazzed42 · 07/08/2006 14:17

Hi, I am new to this so bear with me! I am a childminder and have a child that comes odd hours, weekdays. At the moment I charge her by the hour but I never really know what days or times he is coming as it changes every week. Sometimes he will come twice in one day at different times. Would you charge more for this type of care?, or for the whole day when he comes?I have to be very flexible which I don't mind but it can be awkward when i cant plan things as I never know when he will be there.

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Katymac · 07/08/2006 14:19

So basically he is taking a F/T space for a few (?) hours?

What would happen if you got offered a F/T child?

proudofmyboobs · 07/08/2006 14:28

My son is a p/t mindee too. I am at Uni and he goes to his childminders 3 days a week for a few hours a day. Some weeks this changes also. I have told her if she gets a fulltime child to go ahead and I'd manage something but she said no, the hours I have suit her as she is flexible and she loves ds! lol

But I can see that it would be awkward for you not knowing what actual hours you are needed for. How does she manage to bring him to you twice in one day? If it were me I'd leave him there for a whole day!

Katymac · 07/08/2006 14:30

That's lovely Proudof myboobs - it's great when the minder & mum have such a good realtionship (it's not all that common) i treasure my real friend ships

mazzed42 · 07/08/2006 15:04

Well, Katymac, this is the problem if I get offered a f/t child what do I do! I get on well with his mum and she always pays me ok.

Proudofmyboobs- sometimes he will come in the morning for an hour and then again in afternoon for perhaps 2 hours!

OP posts:
mazzed42 · 07/08/2006 15:06

At the moment I only charge her for the time he is there but i'm thinking of changing it or putting up my hourly fee just for her. do you think thats fair?

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Jaynerae · 07/08/2006 15:10

I think she is taking the mick. My DD is with a CM 2.5 days a week. Even on Days when DH is not working and could have her - we still send her to CM as it would be unfair on the CM to swap and change every week. It is her income after all and she has her own DD's to plan around. I think my CM is wonderful and would not dream of treating her likle this. I say get your self a mindee who is regular so you know where you stand. You Mindees mum is just using you for convenience - twice in one day for an hour or two - what did she fancy an afternoon at the GYM? That may sound harsh - but I don't think she is being very considerate towards you.

mazzed42 · 07/08/2006 15:15

jaynerae- thanks for your opinion, I hadn't thought of it like that. Ive only been doing this since feb so i am new at it anyway and not sure of how other cm's work round things like this

OP posts:
Katymac · 07/08/2006 15:25

I have a child on a rota - she came different hours on the same 2 days and then had a few weeks off

I worked out the average she came over the weeks she came - then she paid half the average amount on the weeks she didn't come

You must be careful about what happens if a F/T child comes up

Maybe asking this mum to pay a minimum number of hours each week or limiting her to 2 or 3 days might be a better option

mazzed42 · 07/08/2006 15:31

katymac- thats a good way of doing it, charging a minimum no of hours each week! she is due for a contract review so I will suggest that I think.

Thanks for all your feedback, great help!
Great website, I found it by mistake when looking for opinions on Phil&Ted pushchairs!! but thats another story hey!!

OP posts:
Katymac · 07/08/2006 15:44

You will be addicted

We have a bit we call "Childminder's Child:" if you put that at the front then you (should) get loads of childminding replies

Enjoy MN

busybusymum · 08/08/2006 10:16

As the parents seem to be asking you to be available for them all day they should be paying for this facilty. they would if they were using a nursery. Perhaps a "holding" weekly fee should be charged (with the hours you actual have child being charged at your normal rate on top of holding fee) as they ae expecting you to hold a place open for their benefit . Maybe you should be unavailable due to being over numbered once or twice and it might make them think about how they are treating you.

I know of a family who uses 2 childminders one before preschool and one after. This was done just to avoid paying a childminder whilst the child was at preschool. Major problem occured when Preschool had a power failure and children had to be collected early.
The child has always struggled with this and never knows where he is going or who is picking him up! Not a happy Little person at all.

Bramshott · 08/08/2006 10:24

I work very irregular hours and am going to be looking for an "occasional" childminder soon. Talking to others, I think that it's generally accepted you should pay a higher rate for this sort of flexibility, unless you are lucky enough to find a childminder for whom this sort of arrangement works better too.

Does that make sense?

EvesMama · 08/08/2006 10:28

hiya am just about to become reg myself..what does the mum'do' to have to employ you for such strange hours?

if she fancies doing a bit of retail therapy or going to gym, then she should really stick to cetain are not a baby sitter you have other children to consider like days out, afternoons at park etc and cant hold other children back becasue of speak to her and if you dont already know, ask about the eratic hours, then try to come to a compromise between you.good luck

ayla99 · 08/08/2006 12:15

My policy for shift workers/irregular care is to charge half fees for each hour they want to reserve for their child's use. We agree how much notice they will give of the hours they actually need); paying full fees for each hour booked and half fees for the remainder of the reserved time period. The contract states a minimum weekly fee.

dmo · 08/08/2006 13:27

if this was me i would arrange with mum a min hours per week say 10 and if you care for child over 10 hrs she pays the differents
i would also ask mum for a rota 1 week in advance so you can plan your week, she must know what she works 1 week in hand

mazzed42 · 08/08/2006 14:45

Thanks for all your suggestions, its really helpful as I don't know many other childminders to confer with. Anyway she is an interpreter so works on call a lot of the time and some appointments are booked in.

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