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Would you let a mindee ride a bike without a helmet??

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Saz73 · 07/08/2006 09:47

I have a 5 yr mindee, brought his own bike this morning would normally bring a safety helmet but forgot it this morning. I am very reluncant to let him ride without one, mindee extremely upset have explained to him the reasons why. What would anyone else do??

OP posts:
trinityrhino · 07/08/2006 09:48

I don't think I would let him, shame for him but it is about safety

ScummyMummy · 07/08/2006 09:54

Could he ride on some grass? Or could you borrow a helmet from someone?

Saz73 · 07/08/2006 09:57

We have only a little bit of grass. Sorry can't borrow helmet, DD wants to ride hers and DS helmet too small. Wouldn't want to borrow a helmet anyway for safety reasons.

OP posts:
littleducks · 07/08/2006 09:58

i think if he normally rides with a helmet definately not , as his parents obv. think he should have one on when he is riding, bit awkward for you if he is upset though.

hulababy · 07/08/2006 09:59

Not a CM, but no I wouldn't let him on the bike. I wouldn't take the risk. However I also wouldn't let DD on either as it would be rubbing salt in the wound so to speak. As a compromise, could they not take it in turns to ride and wear helmet?

Saz73 · 07/08/2006 10:01

I agree hulababy, all bikes have been put away for the day. Will explain to parent tonight as for the reason. Parent was in a rush this morning.

OP posts:
hulababy · 07/08/2006 10:02

Good plan. Get them on to some other activity and they'll forget soon enough I bet!

ScummyMummy · 07/08/2006 10:04

Sharing is a good idea, hula. V mean to let dd ride and not him, imo! How much are helmets? If you have enough dosh to buy a cheap Argos one could you ring his mum and ask if she would reimburse you? Or would it even be worth having a spare in the house for other mindees/ds when he is bigger?

ScummyMummy · 07/08/2006 10:05

Bikes away sloves the problem more cheaply though!

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