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CM CLUB - doing my accounts and stuck

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LoveMyGirls · 06/08/2006 13:09

ok what do you all put, ive got one of those books from NCMA, i have kept all my receipts and im just wondering about what to put for water bills etc do i write it as monthly and do i put a percentage of what i pay by direct debit monthly or do i have to dig out a bill and try n figure out what it would be a mth tho im really bad at maths.

Also whats this business about not needing a receipt for stuff costing less than £10 like toddler groups, ice creams when you're out etc

please can someohe explain it all to me in very simple terms i want to get it right, thanks

OP posts:
matnanplus · 06/08/2006 16:04

Bump for you as tho i'm s/e as a maternity nanny i will have different expenses to you.

Katymac · 06/08/2006 16:19

OK first of all write everything down (ice creams etc) and add them in - biut do keep a list
eg 1.8.06 ice creams 4 children beach £3.30

For Council Tax & Water Rates - do you pay 10 months out of 12? if so you put in 10% of each payment for 10 months

If you pay over 12 then you put 10% for each month for 12 months

Does that help?

lunavix · 06/08/2006 17:38

but its only 10% if you work over 40 hours...

I'm doing last years accounts today. The biggest pain is the percentage for utilities. I have my bills (conveniently minus dates) have split them over the months now have to split them into weeks as per how many hours I did each week cos the percentage I can claim is different every bloody week!

Katymac · 06/08/2006 17:56

Can't you average your hours over the year and use that as a %age for your utilities (should work out the same)

LoveMyGirls · 06/08/2006 20:24

i have given up for now, i have all my reciepts i will write down everything off the receipts that i want to include then im gonna get dp to do me an excel spreadsheet to do all the maths for me then i will go to my dads (who is an accountant - who would have thought i would be so crap with maths with genes like that but thats life) anyway he said he will make sure i do it all right - thank god!!

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 06/08/2006 20:26

must say the different ammounts for different hours is very annoying! and can i just take a %age of my direct debit ammount because i never understand utility bills. i know im stupid but whats all this cr about? then u phone n they say yeh u were in credit but your not now.... i dont get it i just pay my mthly bill n im happy so can i just say i pay £38 a mth water and just take 10% of that or whatever ? sorry im being very thick.

OP posts:
dmo · 06/08/2006 20:29

i do same as you Katymac
work out income and outcome each month
then work out bills over 12mths
add together

inland rev said to use a plastic wallet for each month and put recipts in wallets each month found it really easy

dmo · 06/08/2006 20:30

for example i pay £75 per mth gas so i add it up for the year 75x12 and take % from answer

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