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**registered childminder in REDBOURN st albans**

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nik1971 · 06/08/2006 11:36

hi i am an ofsted registered fully trained and insured childminder in redbourn with a vacancy for 0-8yr old.
i offer excellent childcare in a funloving,caring family aim is to provide daily inside and outside varying activities and for your child/ren to feel part of our family.
i was graded "good" at my ofsted inspection in nov 2005 and have a glowing ofsted report.
please contact me for further details.

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nik1971 · 06/08/2006 17:32
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nik1971 · 08/08/2006 09:45
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nik1971 · 08/08/2006 09:45
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smeeinit · 11/08/2006 17:45


smeeinit · 19/08/2006 19:03


granarybeck · 18/09/2006 18:04

Hi nik1971. Do you do do school pick ups from aany harpenden schools?

smeeinit · 18/09/2006 20:08

hi, not at the moment i dont but can consider it if fits in with the kiddies i currently care for. which school is it?

smeeinit · 18/09/2006 20:13

sorry...........bit confusing....i cahnged my username a while back! nik1971 is smeeinit !!! confusing,sorry

granarybeck · 18/09/2006 22:20

Hi. my dd(8) and ds (9) are starting at Roundwood Primary next week (we're moving from Manchester). I'm going to take a week or so off, but am then struggling to find childcare! I don't necessarily need every day.

smeeinit · 19/09/2006 09:15

hi granaryback, if you want to send me an email we can try and sort something out with your childcare,even if its not poss 4 me to do it i may be able to put you in touch with someone who can help.
send me a mail detailing which days you need and the time they finish school etc... and hopefully i can help you out.
nik 1971 @ bt internet .com
no spaces obviously!!!

granarybeck · 19/09/2006 18:20

cheers, have done .

smeeinit · 19/09/2006 18:41

gb have emailed you back

smeeinit · 22/09/2006 09:16


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