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older mindees

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franyfroo · 03/08/2006 18:18

i look after mainly under 5s during the hols. i now have a 9 and 7 year old, boy and girl and am at a loss at what to do with boy daughter and the girl 7 play quite well and love craft etc but he always seems bored. he is a great boy but i worry he hates it here. any ideas. ps done parks, farms, macdonalds etc etc etc

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ThePrisoner · 03/08/2006 21:31

I'm sure that there are some old threads that might help ... there's this one for starters!


ThePrisoner · 03/08/2006 21:42

Get him to make a list of things he likes. I've been known to go out and buy something new just because one child has expressed an interest in it (if I think it's something that other children will enjoy too).

My lot love having obstacle courses in the garden, just using toys and equipment already there (slides, hoops etc.) Once they've got the hang of it, we do it backwards or blindfolded as well.

Does he actually enjoy crafty/messy play stuff? We just do all the usual stuff - painting (including with water on the patio/house/fences), chalk on patio, playdough, baking etc.


dmo · 03/08/2006 22:29

what a shame you sound like a great c/m
i look after only boys aged from 1yr to 10yrs and i have 17 of them so i'm ok cause they all play together (no girls born around here)
one mindee broke up from school 1 week early so i had him (aged 8) and a 1yr old he too seemed bored but i found he loved my attension we played top trumps, guess who and football together he even came to a toddler group and helped with the babies

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