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Live in Nanny How much do I need to pay?

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Xena · 02/08/2006 15:03

Just that really

OP posts:
Xena · 02/08/2006 15:03

SE London

OP posts:
nannyj · 02/08/2006 16:24

Depends on hours, level of responsibility and age and experience of nanny. I'm in West London and my wages gross plus employers contribution is about £450 a week. On top of that i get sky+, broadband, seperate home phone, all food and car plus insurance.

What sort of duties and hours are you needing?

Uwila · 02/08/2006 16:36

Bloody Hell! You don't need to pay that for a live-in nanny.

Since you are looking for live-in, you can hire someone who is not British and save a bit of £££. But, make sure you are happy with likely cultural differences. (like vodka socks!! )

You can deffo get one for less than 300 and probably less than that. What are the hours? How old are the kids? Does she need to drive?

Uwila · 02/08/2006 16:43

Errr... I missed "plus employers contribution".

£300 net per week is plenty for a live-in. It's more money than I have at the end of the week after paying the bills, that's for sure.

If you look for a nice girl at the local nursery who probably makes minimum wage, offer her a place to live and slightly more than she makes at the nursery, you will probably both be happy.

Xena · 02/08/2006 16:43

40hrs 6mths, 2.5, 4.5(at school) and 8yrs
Thank goodness I wasn't the only shocked one I can't afford what Nannyj gets

OP posts:
Xena · 02/08/2006 16:46

No need to drive. THe 2.5 and 4.5 go to a day nursery atm so I could check out situation there.

OP posts:
Xena · 02/08/2006 16:46

SE london so it should be cheaper than west?

OP posts:
Xena · 02/08/2006 16:50

THis is what I was thinking? How much should I be prepared to pay?

OP posts:
Uwila · 02/08/2006 16:56

She look slovely. But, I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that she is here on a working holiday visa. Make sure she still has work time on her visa and therefore you can hire her legally.

BTW, there is no legal minimum wage for a live-in employee.

I have heard good things about kiwis and ozzies. I was thinking I might go down that road for my next nanny.

If you are paying for two kids to go to nursery full-time I would think the nanny option is within reach financially. So, you must be forking out some £1700 per month. That's £392 per week. And they don't do laundry.

Xena · 02/08/2006 17:14

1200pcm for nursery 160pcm for cleaner. SO I thought the nanny could do the kids stuff and I'll do the rest so she'd need to do the school drop off and pick up.

OP posts:
MrsWobble · 02/08/2006 17:23

I had an Aussie live in nanny two years ago - I paid her £220 per week net. She had no formal childcare qualifications but the children were at school so she wasn't looking after babies. My hours were 7.30am to 7pm but with time off in the day when the children were at school. We also got 2 nights babysitting as part of the deal. We're in SE London as well. I don't think it necessarily affects price but the Aussies do seem to congregate in SW London so you need to accept that your job probably won't be the most attractive available.

As Uwila says you need to check visas. The advantage of Aussies is that a lot of them have ancestral visas so there isn't a time limit to their ability to work here.

Issymum · 02/08/2006 17:32

We've had a succession of fabulous Aussies and Kiwis working for us as live-in nannies. We pay them £275 net per week plus accommodation in a self-contained attic flat, plus use of a car, plus for the last two their long-term partner/husband has lived in the flat rent-free. The hours are longish 7.30am to 6.15pm plus one evening of babysitting per week (which we virtually never use as we can't be bothered to go out). All of them have had ancestral visas.

I'm interested in Mrs Wobble's £220 per week as that suggests that once DD2 starts school we can economise!

nannyj · 02/08/2006 18:40

God, sorry i didn't want you to think you had to pay what i'm earning. I appreciate that it is quite high but i work on average a 70 hour week. Definately go the foreign route it will be cheaper. I'm British, 32 with 12 years experience so can earn good money. Look on Gumtree or nannyjob instead of going to agencies it will be cheaper as well. Good luck .

Uwila · 02/08/2006 18:44

70 hours? well I suppose you are earning it then.

Xena · 02/08/2006 19:53

£275 Issymum, that also agrees with what uwila says at less than 300 so will keep that price in mind. Nannyj 70hrs is alot how much evening work?

OP posts:
Uwila · 02/08/2006 19:56

Xena, be sure to understand the difference between net and gross. I strongly recommend you talk to the nanny in terms of gross. For more info, I think is a great place to start. But, don't hire is cheaper.

nannyk · 02/08/2006 20:07

I'm a live in nanny too. I work abroad now, but my last position in London was a 60hr week, 2 children aged 3 months and 3 years at the start. I had my own room, but shared a bathroom with the children. I got 275 net to start and after 3 months this went up to 300. At my current position I look after baby twins, 60-80hrs a week, and get 475. So it all depends on location and experience!! I would recommend an Aussie or a Kiwi, all my nanny friends are antipodeans and are lovely, great with the kids, and have a fab attitude about helping the family out with more than the bare minimum nursery duties. You could probably find one who would be delighted with 250/week for up to 60hrs (that would be about 350ish gross I think).

Xena · 02/08/2006 20:09

I run a small buisness can I just make them an employee of it?

OP posts:
Xena · 02/08/2006 20:10

and stick them on the payroll like the other 2 iyswim?

OP posts:
nannyk · 02/08/2006 20:14

Yep I think so, I am on my bosses company payroll. I would call nannypaye or nannytax, they'll be able to tell you your options.

Uwila · 02/08/2006 20:23

Errr... I don't think that's legal. If it is, I'm going to set up my own business and pay the nanny salary out of the profits before I have to pay the company taxes. I really doubt the IRS would allow this.

On the other hand, if you slap her on the company payroll and give her an official job title of say "office manager" who would know? My nanny has a nanny friend who is paid by her bosses company. So, this is obviously done... but I wouldn't think it's legal.

So, nannyk, who is listed as your employer on your contract. Surely it must be the person who pays you?

Uwila · 02/08/2006 20:24

IRS? Sorry, I'm obviously American. I meant IR.

nannyk · 02/08/2006 20:27

Hi Uwila I am here on an internship primarily, so the company pays me my salary and withholds my taxes (30% here ouch). So my internship boss is the same as my nanny boss. Complicated but the only way to get me here legally!!!!

Xena · 02/08/2006 20:28

sorry am laughing, didn't mean that I was going to use company profits surely I could just pay her in the same way as I pay my other 2 employees (rather than using nannytax etc)?
Am cracking up though 'office manager'

OP posts:
DominiConnor · 02/08/2006 20:34

Nannyj is getting more than average, I'd guess it's nearer 3-350ish for live in, including NI, tax etc.

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