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Advise required au pair or childminder?

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syrup · 01/08/2006 13:42

Help!!! I am new to all this and could do with some advise. I am about to start a PGCE in Sept and my husband works shifts so we are going to need help with the 2 boys 3+4 during the week. The older boy is at school p/t 0840-1200 and younger at nursery 3 mornings 0900-1200. My husband works a 6on 3 off rolling shift pattern so we would need help on a flex basis mon-fri. Do you think a childminder (prob my pref) would be interested if we guaranteed a certain number of hours per week eg 30 (approx 20 for the 3 yr old 10 for the 4) and then paid extra for the weeks which went over that limit? I did do a few sums and we need cover 16 hrs some weeks upto 44 another (av at 27).
I do tend to think that I won't find someone who can flex around these shifts (earliest drop off at 0800 latest pick up at 1700) but maybe someone knows better. I live in Horsham just incase!!!!!
I have also started the great Au Pair hunt just in case so any advise anyone has would be much appreciated.
I will have to log on a bit later as I have promised the boys a trip to Southwater country park.....and thats another story!

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zubb · 01/08/2006 19:44

you might be lucky but it will depend on what other children the childminder has as to whether they can be that flexible with the hours. Just try phoning around and chat to a few.

syrup · 01/08/2006 21:29

Thanks, will do so keep your fingers crossed.

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Katymac · 01/08/2006 22:31

It's the sort of thing I'd do

I think a lot of C/Mers would

You need to work out the min hrs you need each week (& pay for them) then the max you might need and negociate the difference

You will probably need to pay your average (you will loose out on the weeks they do less) then pay a top up when you need

Good luck

badgerhead · 02/08/2006 08:41

Hi Syrup

I am a childminder in Horsham, it will depend on what school your elder ds goes to as to who can help you. If you want to email me direct I can try to point you towards a childminder who could help. [email protected]
I don't have any spaces myself but do know of some who do & I can give you the telephone number of the local CIS & our own local vacancy coordinator.

dmo · 02/08/2006 09:06

are both boys nurserys near each other? as they both finish at 12

ks · 02/08/2006 09:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

syrup · 02/08/2006 13:50

Thank you all for the advise, DS will be at St Mary's and DS2 at the nursery about 2 mins away from the school. Badgerhead I will email you directly thanks again.

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