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Good Au Pair Agency

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HunieBunie · 01/08/2006 09:07

Hi there, I wonder if anyone is able to offer some advice.

We have used au pairs before and it has worked very well. We prefer using an agency as we don't have the time to shift through hundreds of applicants etc. I have 3 school aged children, who prefer coming home after school and being able to attend friends parties/have friends for tea.We are finding it increasingly difficult to find an au pair, I think this may be because:

1.We don't live in London;
2.They are required to drive;(very short distances only 10-20 minutes in the locality)
3.We have 3 children.

So, I guess we look like hard work when compared with a with a family with only 2 children and no driving required We offer a good rate of pay/package etc and are very kind to our au pairs, can provide references from previous au pairs and usually make a family trip to the au pairs country of origin during her time with us.

Can someone recommend a really good agency for families outside London? We are in Southern England.

TIA, HunieBunie x

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Bugsy2 · 01/08/2006 09:18

I've found this agency very helpful. I live in London but I was recommended them by a friend who lives in Wiltshire. I also know someone who had an aupair through them in Hampshire too.

Toto's Au Pair Agency
The Bell House,
SN14 6NT

Tel: 01666 841225
Fax: 08700 519495
Mobile: 07876 357579


HunieBunie · 01/08/2006 09:58

Thanks Bugsy2, I am feeling my anxiety levels as we start the search for the new au pair.

We have exhausted the supply which comes via previous au pairs!

I will definately have a look at website

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Bugsy2 · 01/08/2006 10:13

Jo at Totos is particularly nice & helpful. Good luck with your search HB.


HunieBunie · 01/08/2006 12:28

bump, anymore recommendations...please

OP posts:

HunieBunie · 01/08/2006 13:49

Not willing to share your sources...Ah well, I guess as long as we find the right girl, it don't matter

OP posts:

celtic66 · 01/08/2006 22:12


I'm on the Au pair hunt at the moment and not having much luck, Because

I have 4 children (under the age of Six), not in London, do not have a cleaner ( may consider it,but put off by the thought of another person to consider)and can only offer the going rate.

so I have decided on different tactic of self marketing with elements of truth...showed DH my advert, he did not recognise his own family and wants live with this fictional family in advert so I will go with my new tactic


HunieBunie · 02/08/2006 13:11

celtic66, where are you advertising your family for an au pair?

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celtic66 · 02/08/2006 18:22

hi, I have advertised on Gumtree but not really had a good response, i have now registered with greataupair site which has very good search facilities. I have, so far, had a good response seems to be lots of suitable applicants, but the downside i have loads of applicants that are NOT suitable for us, and can waste time e-mailing potential Au pairs, that either change their mind or find another family. Some of it was partly my fault, I have been corresponding with a AP for the ukarine seemed perfect, then discover ukarine in not part of AP scheme so she can't get a visa

I have also used an agency in past, but they took just as long to find and AP and sentloads of unsuitable applicant.

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