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Childminders and Parents, advice please

9 replies

vix1 · 25/07/2006 12:46

Hi, I am currently a Nanny and thinking about becoming a Childminder next year, but am a little concerned about the amount of floor space I have. My lounge is about 4m by 3.5 or 4m, but I have to have a dining table in their aswell. Im thinking about putting a conservatory on the back, so I can move the table out and do messy activities out there.
I just wondered if Childminders have a lot of room, and if parents see this as one of the important issues?

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CarlyP · 25/07/2006 13:32

when we looked at CM, one had a large house with big garden and one had a v v small house and sml garden. in the end i preferred the one with the smlr house, but wasnt prepared to compromise on space..........i have 2 boys aged 1.5 and 2.5 and decided on a nanny as we have a large-ish house and large garden and i want them to be free to run around.


vix1 · 25/07/2006 16:14

I think I will just have to put my hand in my pocket for a conservatry, it would make life so much easier, especially for the messy activities etc.
Can anyone advise me how far in advance to start advertising, and where would be a good place?
How long do parents start looking for childcare before they need it? Im thinking along the lines of advertising 6 months in advance

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Katymac · 25/07/2006 18:53

OFSTED can be a bit funny about advertising before you are registered

I work in a conservatory - it's very hot (esp atm - but we have had windows open in Feb)

I have lots of children so need lots of space - but I think storage space is very important


vix1 · 25/07/2006 19:22

I was thinking about advertising as a Soon To Be Registered Childminder, as im sure I cant advertise as a Registered CM if im not one!
I feel sorry for you in this weather!! But I dont think I would have enough storage space if I dont invest!

OP posts:

ssd · 25/07/2006 19:32

vix, I'd try childminding first to see if it suits you before considering adding extra space to accomodate it IYSWIM.

I've been a nanny too and found childminding totally different.


vix1 · 25/07/2006 19:44

I really think id enjoy it, I love Nannying, but I would still like to plan a day my way, within reasons of routines etc. Ive also got a bit of 'business ambition' in me too!! I think im just the type of person that enjoys working for myself, and I think id have a conservatry put on anyway, as when and if we have our own children we would need the extra space.
Im very gratefull for any advice or shared experiences though, is their any certain aspects between Nannying or Childminding that may be a main problem?

OP posts:

Katymac · 25/07/2006 20:00

I've never nannied

But my main problem with minding is (unfortunatley) the parents


vix1 · 25/07/2006 20:13

Im afraid to say I think you can get that in both!! I had parents that used to take the p**s, waltz in half hour later than the time they said they would be home (this would be the one time they actually told me when they would be home!) carrying a couple of bags of food shopping! Which would have been fine if I had a warning, my dinner was sat at home cold as my partner thought id be home at about 730!
My boss's now are fantastic! I have to say I think I would have to learn to be a bit assertive and set 'boundaries' for parents, how bad does that sound!! But you know what I mean!

OP posts:

mazzed42 · 07/08/2006 16:37

the space you have only makes a difference to the number of children that you are allowed to mind. So the maximum you can have is 6 under 8 years, but they work it out by how much floor space you have in the rooms that you want to use for childminding and I think they allow 2m square per child(not sure if its more than that, if you phone ofsted they will tell you). So if you only want say 3 children to mind then you should be ok. I can have 3 at any one time and my house isn;t that big!!

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