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If nanny is leaving, how do you calculate last part-month's pay?

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bluebear · 23/07/2006 20:36

I'm hoping someone has been in this position before and can help. We share our nanny with another family - they have decided to use a nursery instead, from mid-August and have given her notice (and we have given her a sole contract to work for us from that date).
Other family have asked how to calculate what they owe the nanny for the 3 weeks of August that she is working for us both. They employ her for 4 days a week, whilst we employ her for all 5.

Choice is...

11 (working days) out of 19 (possible working days in August) times monthly salary.

17 days out of 31 (days in August) time monthly salary.

or 3 weeks pay, based on the fact that she will be working 3 full weeks in August - and that we can get a weekly equivalent of her salary by dividing her annual salary by 52.

There's not much difference in the figures no matter which way you work it out..but other family want to work it out properly.

(we both subscribe to nannypaye and I thought that they would be able to work it out, but other family said that they were given the above choices by them!)

Any help/comments gratefully accepted - and nanny isn't losing out in anyway as we will be paying her the difference so she earns the same over the month (ouch!)

OP posts:

soapbox · 23/07/2006 20:55

Working days is the most accurate split.


Hamandcheese · 23/07/2006 21:28

As nanny earns the same at the end of the month, it doesn't affect her at all, and is really just between you and the share family. Could it be suitably diplomatic to agree on which ever option is the middle cost to the other family?


NannyL · 23/07/2006 21:29

have you asked your nanny what she thinks...

i assume you have a Xnet per week which translates to Y gross per week which is Z gross per year....

i would therefore GUESS being paid for 3 working weeks (ie 3 times X net per week = Y gross per week) on the ground that she has an agreed salary of X nett per week / Y gross per week.

If you agreed orginally a monthly salary then one of the others but not sure which!


bluebear · 24/07/2006 17:56

NannyL - Our nanny is on an annual gross salary - payed monthly..not the norm 'net per week'. She doesn't care as she will take home the same amount of money for the month ( I will be paying her the difference between her usual amount and the amount the other family pay her) Actually, since she's not too happy about the way the other mother has acted towards her, she'ld most likely want whichever will cost the other family more :O

Soapbox - thanks for that - feeling a bit guilty as that is the one which costst the most for the other family.

HamandCheese - yes, I was thinking of just going for the 'middle' number, but other family wanted to be 'fair'.

OP posts:

Kaloo20 · 26/07/2006 10:11

Frankly, the other family should employ her until month end to make life easier for you all instead of quibbling over a few days pay


Kaloo20 · 26/07/2006 10:12

Stupid endings like this can cause lots of underlying tension


Kaloo20 · 26/07/2006 10:13

I hope they are giving her a cash bonus as well - a good written reference and a leaving present.


Kaloo20 · 26/07/2006 10:17

ps I'm not a nanny, but did employ one f/t for 4.5 years - I just strongly believe these girls give us back our identity as women. They look after our children as well as we would outselves, thus allowing us back into the workplace where we can enjoy adult company, not be called Mummy, go to the loo without being followed by a toddler and allow us to shop at lunchtimes ;-)

Sorry I seem to have hi-jacked your thread and turned it into a pro nanny or how to look after your nanny thread


madchad · 28/07/2006 22:25

In essesnce it depends on her contract with the other family.
We're with NannyPaye too, and have a similarly complex situation, which they sorted out for us.
Graham seems to think that the 'worked days' formula is the accepted one, and based it on her gross annualised salary, which is what we agreed with her.
Graham was of the opinion that 'I work for you and I'll calculate it as you tell me'
As there are NI implications for a nanny share (can't remember what, but it's not the same as working for one person) we thought it too complex. I would say that doing the 'worked days per month works out slightly more costly to the employer, but it was a matter of a few pounds.
Don't forget that even if she leaves mid month, you'd still pay at the normal time, so you may have more time than you think.


bluebear · 31/07/2006 20:50

Thanks Madchad - only just checked this thread again.
Graham is sorting it out on 'number of worked days'.
Now I just need to give Nanny a new contract for Mid-August to October, to work for us only, and then we have a new share situation starting in October. Poor Graham, he'll start charging extra for shared nannies soon!

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