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cm club - having difficulty getting started

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Isyhan · 21/07/2006 19:23

I got my registration through on 15th June but still no mindees during day. Ive had a few phonecalls but they always feel like they are just finding out information generally about childcare options. I spoke to support childminder two days ago and she said it can take years to get established. I think now maybe Im doing the wrong thing as I wanted to do this whilst my daughter was young so that I could stay home with her but if it takes that long then its not right for me. I dont know if Im too picky aswell because I has a call today and she wants 12-4 two days a week to pick up from nursery. That doesnt seem worth the effort involved. I know I should have said well most childminders charge for full day when child at nursery but she didnt sound keen to begin with so I didnt push that point.

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 21/07/2006 21:43

It doesn't take years to get established as such - your next mindee is only a phone call away, and it might be tomorrow or next month. Unfortunately, it is a bit of a waiting game, but you obviously need to continue to push yourself out there (advertising, going to toddler group etc.) to get known. It won't take years to get work!!

What your support childminder probably means is that those of us who have been doing this for a long time are usually well-known in the area - to other minders, to parents, to people training new minders, to training course tutors, to our local Childrens Info Service etc. (When I ring our CIS, I just say "hi, it's Prisoner from XXX" and I get a "hello, how are you doing? Haven't heard from you for a while!")

Re. your phone call today - personally, I wouldn't charge for a whole day, I would just charge for the hours the mum wanted. I know other minders would disagree.

LoveMyGirls · 24/07/2006 13:58

i would take them as well and not charge for the full day, you cant afford to be picky and at least its experience and will get you out and about and then when people say oh what a lovely little boy etc you can yes he is but hes not mine im his childminder and then word of mouth gets round..........its a start

LoveMyGirls · 24/07/2006 14:01

plus you might find he doesnt stay with ouy for long and you can replace him with a FT'er but you will have had chance to ease yourself into it.

ayla99 · 25/07/2006 14:52

i wouldn't charge for the time in nursery unless I was dropping off at the beginning of the day as well. I charge a higher hourly rate if its less than 20 hours a week, but I wouldn't turn anyone away if I had space.

(actually I have turned 2 people away but one wanted 1 to 1 care & the other wanted someone who would keep her baby indoors all day).

Some childminders have a set minimum daily or weekly charge. I would also charge for the travelling time & 40p per mile if I needed to use my car to get to the nursery.

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