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The transformation fund letter?

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juliaemma · 21/07/2006 08:32

Did others get this?

I really dont understand it, can anyone explain?

Is it that we get funded for doing courses? If so, does anyone know if this would include any kind of training for teacher assistants?

All very confusing??!!

OP posts:

juliaemma · 23/07/2006 14:13

Anyone else get it???

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 23/07/2006 15:40

I haven't received anything!


jellyjelly · 23/07/2006 19:25

Have no idea what it is all about.


ThePrisoner · 23/07/2006 23:07

Oops ... I lied ... have been sorting through boring paperwork today. I have a leaflet "The Transformation Fund" which arrived in amongst a whole load of other stuff about training in my area. It says you can download a copy of the leaflet here - I had a quick look at the information on this site, but gave up because I have better things to do at this time of night! (And don't understand half of it either).


juliaemma · 24/07/2006 10:34

I really dont understand it either??! Anyone else understand it?

OP posts:

Jensmum · 09/08/2006 14:24

Has anybody figured this out yet?

I got a letter and leaflet through the post about it the other day but it seemed more aimed at nurseries.

With my local council I pay them £25 (I think) per college term and that entitles me to as many courses I want/can get on, does this transformation fund mean I now get them all free instead?

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