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CMCLUB - child arrived with nose bleed and its still coming

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LoveMyGirls · 19/07/2006 09:49

in dribs and drabs, i know he has a snotty nose so maybe the heat plus too much blowing his nose but its still dribbling out so what should i do?

on my first aid course it says so seek medical advice if nose bleed persists for more than 30 mins so should i call his mum to take him? he doesnt seem bothered by it and other than keep wiping his nose what should i do? i've tried sitting him still, bent forward but as he's only jsut 3 sitting still for long doesnt happen.

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hunkermunker · 19/07/2006 09:52

It's very high pressure - nosebleeds happen in this weather.

Don't let him tip his head back, try (if you can!) to him to hold an ice cube wrapped in kitchen roll on the bridge of his nose, try a cold tea towel draped over his neck (again, this is wishful thinking with one so little!).

Try letting him sit in the paddling pool in the garden if you can - keeping him as cool as possible will help.

If it's not gushing like a tap, it lasting for more than 30 minutes isn't a problem, IMO. I used to get really, really bad nosebleeds and never needed to seek medical advice for them (ah, well, I had my nose cauterised twice, but never sought help whilst I was having one iyswim!).

LoveMyGirls · 19/07/2006 10:01

thanks for the advice hunker, and yep loads easier said than done, cant really let him go in the pool just yet as ive got another mindee here and he's in nappies without any swimming nappies with him (he's just a one off and will be going at 1pm) so wouldnt be fair to let without the other so ill just try and keep him cool with tea towel.

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hunkermunker · 19/07/2006 16:36

How was he?

LoveMyGirls · 19/07/2006 16:45

i texted his mum and she said it was ok, its happened before. to let her know if it got worse. its stopped now but must have lasted at least 6 hours altogether! not pouring but dribbling.

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januarymum · 20/07/2006 09:10

Could be hayfever both my dh and uncle get nosebleeds, where i sneeze for england.

LoveMyGirls · 20/07/2006 12:05

he still has it today too, bless him.

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