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cm club - urgent advice needed please?

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munchkinsmummy · 18/07/2006 14:04

mindee is just over 1 and mindee bit my child who is 2 this morning and marked arm, my child retaliated and mindee now has a scratch on face

mum will be here is 45 mins - what so i day

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Amylouise · 18/07/2006 14:11

I would just explain what happened. She will probably be more concerned that her child bit yours than with that scratch!

looneytune · 18/07/2006 14:14

I totally agree! Just tell her what happened and don't worry. Your child only did what any other 2 year old would do!

By the way, this comes from a childminder who's ds was a biter (luckily mindee's parents were very understanding as their dd used to before my ds did!)

alison222 · 18/07/2006 14:15

Presume it is in your accident book as your mindee has a scratch?

In there you will have to explain what led up to it, so use your explanation from that to start the conversation

I'm sure mum will be much more concerned about the biting - it always sounds much worse than a scratch

MaryP0p1 · 18/07/2006 14:15

Agree, have you an incident book get her to sign your statement of what happened.

Don't worry these things happen.

puppy · 18/07/2006 14:25

I agree with others, I experienced this a few weeks ago, ds is 4 and bit mindee who is 5. Told parents exactly what happened and they were fine about it. Luckily he has not done it again phew

munchkinsmummy · 18/07/2006 16:51

many thanks to everybody I have put all the details in my incident book along with pics (probably over the top but u never know these days).

Mum was more concerned about the biting than the scratch.

Many thanks to everyone once again

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