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CM club: How do you manage with mindees of different ages?

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Amylouise · 18/07/2006 12:59

How does everyone manage when you have children of different ages.

My current mindees are all under five so they just play with the same toys, all safe for everyone.

If I take on older children before and after school I can't see them playing with toddler toys.

How would I entertain the older ones without the little ones getting hold of lego etc?

What does everyone else do?

OP posts:

FeelingOld · 18/07/2006 14:19

I have little ones in lounge, sat on rug or at small table whilst playing, older ones have to sit at dining table to play with small stuff such as lego so that little ones can't reach it.
I do find however that if I get the home corner/shops/cafe/play tools/office etc stuff out the older ones want to join in with playing and can get very imaginative. (my dd is 10 and still plays with this stuff given the chance).


ayla99 · 18/07/2006 15:01

The older ones often get involved with the little ones; reading to them & playing role play games.

I do put out different activities - in the playroom the little ones have a low table & the floor space & the older ones have a normal height table for board games, arts & crafts, homework etc. Sometimes I make use of the lounge with dancemat or the older ones have planned fashion shows/plays etc in the lounge.


ThePrisoner · 18/07/2006 20:45

I agree with FeelingOld and ayla - my older mindees also like spending time with the little ones.

However, if they want to do something separately, I can block access to kitchen and/or dining room with a low room divider. The older children can step over, the little ones can't. The older children can then do what they want without interruption.


dmo · 18/07/2006 21:05

agree aswel older children love baby toys they will play for hours
i have ofsteded my sons room for the older children to play lego etc but its barley used


cat64 · 18/07/2006 21:15

This reply has been deleted

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