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CM's- what leaving prezzie would you really like....

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frangipan · 15/07/2006 16:41

my youngest is starting school in sept and so will be leaving our wonderful CM.
She has nurtured and cared for our children for the last 7 years and I an gutted that the children will no longer be seeing her regularly.

She and her husband have been wonderful- I couldn't have asked for more and we want to get/do something special....any ideas of what you CM's would really like (within reason-if I could afford holidays to barbados I wouldn't be sitting here now )

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HenniPenni · 15/07/2006 18:52

A really good reference would be appreciated, a voucher so that she can pamper herself?


frangipan · 15/07/2006 20:24

thanks hennipenni

she's actually cutting down her days as she wants to 'slow dowm' a bit. The voucher could be a good idea, perhaps a spa day you mean?

Was thinking about putting together a nice hamper in a picnic basket, wine/strawberries/chocolates/port/m & s voucher that sort of thing?

Or perhaps a bench for the garden (she doesn't have one at the mo) with an engraved plaque from the boys? mind you most of the time you see those on hillsides 'in loving memory' of someone so perhaps not

anyone else?

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dmo · 15/07/2006 20:49

the basket sounds yummy
a framed photo of the boys would be nice i have a couple
also does she collect anything? my home is nutral colours so i collect willow tree orniments and have recived some from my mindees which are a lovely reminder of them


frangipan · 15/07/2006 20:53

A framed photo's a great idea-could put it in with the hamper... thanx dmo

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