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THANKS and Opinions Please! What's Important, What's Not in a CM

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cye · 14/07/2006 11:36

First, a big 'thank you' to everyone who replied to my post and gave advise in how to find a childminder for my DD. It was invaluable and it's only through MN that I appreciated the range of what childminders do and how they do it.
The good news is I have now found two childminders who I think are both good - but they're different and I'm dithering and just can't seem to decide between them. I know I need to go with gut feeling but as first time and over anxious parent sometimes things get a bit too clouded and emotional iykwim!
So I thought I'd ask MNers for opinions on how they'd load the various points.
Here goes!
CM 1; larger flat. more expensive (over £10/day difference). not as qualified. older. seemed affectionate toward dd. three mindees. takes children out. shorter journey. seems to keep mindees a shorter time than CM2.
CM2; nursery room in house (not huge but no 'no go' areas). nvq3 qualifed. more of a nursery atmosphere (so dd could get more out of experience for longer?). has helper and therefore more mindees. much more professional in approach. communication much clearer. cheaper. doesn't go out with mindees as much. longer journey. Has toddlers who have been with her since babies.
I think they're the main differences. Both have gardens, cook fresh food everyday etc. Both are due ofsted reports, CM1 'satisfactory' last time, haven't seen old report for CM2.
Sorry this post is so long and thanks for reading if you've got this far. I'm sure DD would be just fine at either - please help me get a grip!

OP posts:

MissChief · 14/07/2006 11:38

your gut instinct about them, always go with that and you'll be fine! Had 2 wonderful ones, saw another recently who didn't impress and so took it no further..


Twiglett · 14/07/2006 11:39

personally I think the first one sounds better


Twiglett · 14/07/2006 11:39

but what does your gut tell you?


acnebride · 14/07/2006 11:43

i'm keen on visualisation

think about hte process of taking dd to each one in turn. how do you feel when you visualise dropping her off?

if there is any slight tension in your stomach for either one - forget it.

I have the vague impression that you personally liked CM1 better. Why not ring her and tell her that her quicker turnover has raised a question in your mind and ask if there's a reason for it?


RTKangaMummy · 14/07/2006 11:48

Why does no 1 not keep for so long?

Why didn't no 2 show you old report it should be available for you to see

I have "no go" areas for mindees which is DS bedroom as it is full of lego and so dangerous for mindees and also unfair on DS to go to school and have his things touched by toddlers as it is his personal space, he knows that anything he wants kept safe is put in there and everything else is for mindees to play with, He is 11 years and so there isn't anything in his room suitable for toddlers really IYSWIM

But we live in a house and so mindees don't go upstairs at all really, stairgates are on stairs


cye · 14/07/2006 13:11

I think mindees tend to move on from CM1 to go to nursery whereas with CM2 they get a lot of nursery type stimulation in a smaller group so tend to stay longer.
visualisation a good idea, will try to clear my mind!
On paper i think CM2 better, i like qualifications but there seems to be something stopping me picking up the phone and making final decision - so maybe i like CM1 more than i think?!
i had no idea i'd have such a problem making a decision!

OP posts:

HenniPenni · 14/07/2006 13:15

Do the mindees at cm1 go to nursey that is out of her area?thats maybe why she oesn't keep them long. Is cm2 accredited to do early years education?


acnebride · 14/07/2006 13:27

keep musing on here

just as good as visualisation and stops people rushing up with things for you to do 'because you're just sitting there'


cye · 14/07/2006 13:28

HP not sure about early years ed...

I did visualisation. realised i prefered CM1. rang her - and place has gone! mindee who was leaving now isn't. she is trying to find a way of fitting me in but doesn't look good.
Now worried about chosing CM1 but i've been through two local authority lists and these were the best two. urgh.

OP posts:

dmo · 14/07/2006 13:39

i'm a childminder i too have nvq3 and was a nursey nurse for 13yrs brfore becoming a childminder
children leave me all the time for various reasons (none to do with my care)
mums having babies
changing/ losing jobs
up to pre school (which i encourage)
moving house

i too have a room for the mindee children and go out to activitys each day


cye · 14/07/2006 13:53

sorry, should have been clearer. don't think mindees stay shorter time with CM1 because of care, i just think they tend to move onto nursery whereas CM2 pretty much runs a mini nursery so the environment suits children for longer.
DH says he prefered CM2 anyway (we had decided on CM2 but something was holding me back, hence post!).

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 14/07/2006 14:07

Message withdrawn


acnebride · 15/07/2006 11:18

would cm1 acce-pt a deposit to hold the place and give you ofsted report whileyou thinka bit longer?


cye · 16/07/2006 22:35

hello - no, looks like curtains for CM1 as she hasn't contacted me over the weekend as she promised to do. I guess that means she doesn't have a place.
I do think the 'gut feeling' theory is a good one - but on the other hand, i'm worried that i'm losing all sense of proportion and getting a bit neurotic and i should be more logical about the whole thing...!
still, if CM1 has no places then decision is made for me, so pressure off!

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