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cm club - ofsted visit question

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lrkids · 10/07/2006 21:41

Hi I have an Ofsted Inspection this week and think I have everything sorted but have a question about confidentiality. Obviously the only people to see contracts, child record forms etc are myself and the parents but I need to have them available to show Ofsted - do I need to hide the name or something or do Ofsted not count for confidentiality on this? TIA

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ayla99 · 11/07/2006 08:11

I put out a set of blank record/permission & accident forms so they can read what info I'm keeping without all the confidential stuff.

But, they still need to see all your accident records, your attendance records, and on my last visit she wanted to see one set of completed forms as well. As she'd already read all the blank forms, she only needed to glance at the completed forms.

Ofsted is excepted from the rule; they have to see your completed forms to know whether you are keeping the records you should.


dmo · 11/07/2006 09:43

when ofsted visited they wanted all the names/ages of children i looked after, and they wanted to see their files
i too worried and told them so but ofsted officer was really nice and said they needed to check these things


lrkids · 11/07/2006 11:00

Thanks for that I too have copies of the forms I keep in my portfolio which I have filled in with Child A as an example, just to give parents an idea of what information i keep. thanks again

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