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own daughter not happy

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bmz · 07/07/2006 00:07

what do you do if own children aren't happy with you childminding? even though I spoke with daughter and she said she was fine about it. find now shes not happy that i work on a saturday....i work saturday and one evening only...what would you do? regards

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 07/07/2006 01:24

How old is your dd?

If you are only doing a Saturday and one evening, I think your dd has it lucky! I work Monday to Friday, from 7.30am - 6.00pm-ish. There are lots of other minders who do longer hours and/or evenings, weekends, overnight. I don't think your dd should be able to dictate what you do when you are not working such long hours/days.

My dds get a bit miffed at times that the house is so child-orientated and so full of children, but that is the price we all have to pay for me to earn what I do, and they certainly reap the benefits.

My dds are all older teens (I've been minding for a long time!) I think minders who have small children at home have a harder time of it, and are more likely to have to share toys and their mummy.


ssd · 07/07/2006 09:15

bmz, I had this problem and that's why I've given up minding until youngest is in school.

TBH I don't think it's fair on your own kids if they aren't happy, childminding is hard on young kids who are sharing their own home and mummy and toys with kids they sometimes don't even particularly like. It's different from a mummy who goes out to work as we bring all of our work home.

I knoe the financial advantages can be good, but for us sharing our small home didn't feel right.

when I re-start minding I'll look after school teachers kids that'll hardly be here when my 2 are at home and I don't "mind" in the holidays as I want to spend that time with my 2.


bmz · 07/07/2006 10:04

my daughter is 9 years old I think what makes it more difficult is the fact the my daughter doesn't like one of the mindees. not to sure if to continue or not. and you'r right she shouldn't be able to dictate but you know when you feel guilty!

OP posts:

dmo · 07/07/2006 10:11

my boys are 8 and 10 but i have not ofteded their room so they can go in there if they wish, i'm lucky as i look after mostly school children my boys age so they get on most of the time.
the trick is to buy yourself toys for your job so no falling out goes on over toys etc as they are mine.
i always say to boys that they are lucky i work at home as if i worked with daddy they would have to go to a childminder. and i make them realised that sharings nice because they wouldnt like it if they went to a childminders and her children were mean. i also explain that as i do work at home i am able to go to school to watch sports day, mass and plays


ThePrisoner · 07/07/2006 18:41

bmz - your dd is 9, and you only childmind on a Saturday and one evening a week. I really don't think that your dd should make you feel that guilty, it's hardly taking over your life!!


looneytune · 07/07/2006 19:33

i may be wrong but i presumed she meant another job on saturday???


looneytune · 07/07/2006 19:34

p.s. no advice as i only have a 3 yr old ds and i find that very hard with childminding although he does love me doing this job.

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