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Any childminders with vacancies in W5/13 near Pitshanger Lane on here???

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incognitotoday · 06/07/2006 14:51

Looking at changing my work and childcare arrangements and the council site is so out of date!

Looking for 2 vacancies: ds 2 in September, and dd 5 in December. She'll start school in September so needs drop-off/pick-up depending how my work situation panes out.

Anybody out there?

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bluebear · 06/07/2006 18:13

Can I be nosey and ask if you are interested at all in a nannyshare?
I have a 2 yr old dd and a 5 yr old ds and live in W5.

If not, I always found that the list on (you may need to use the search box to look for the childcare section, as it hasn't got a link from the main page anymore), was always better than the childcarelink one....and best was ringing a childminder and asking her if she knew any others with vacancies.

Good luck

incognitotoday · 06/07/2006 22:30

Hi bluebear I had a look at the ealing site but the few cm's that have vacancies in the area don't seem to 'service' the school.

Nannyshare I would consider, however of course there's the school issue Unless the older kids go to the same school drop offs/pick-ups could be a bit difficult

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ThePrisoner · 06/07/2006 22:37

Have you actually rung any childminders? If your Childrens Information Service is anything like ours, then the information on it may not be up-to-date, or even correct. I rang our CIS recently, on behalf of a parent who needed a particular school run - the list of minders they had for that school didn't include several minders who've done it for years (who I knew personally!)

Also, there may be childminders who might not be doing any school runs at the moment, but would consider doing one if asked.

incognitotoday · 06/07/2006 22:42

TP yes I called a couple of cm's but only those listed with vacancies. Might put up a sign at the school once I've decided which way I'm going

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bluebear · 06/07/2006 23:00

The school my ds goes to has a booklet in the reception area which lists all the childminders that drop off/pick up at that school.

(my ds's school is in Northfields, so def. not the same as your dd's school, but start and end times are different between a lot of the local school, and our nanny drives a 6 seater car, so s'pose there is an outside chance that she could drop at one and then at the other - but pretty unlikely)

I have a feeling I know who you might normally be - if so, then you may have my email - I run the ealing135 nannyshare register so could put you on the mailing list if you decide that a nanny-share is what you want to do.

ThePrisoner · 06/07/2006 23:20

Again, those listed with vacancies may not be the only ones - many minders don't realise that the CIS holds an "immediate vacancies" list, and it may not be up-to-date.

This "vacancies" list is a bit of a pain - if one of my mindees is starting school in September, or going to nursery in 4 months, I can't put my details on the "immediate vacancy" list as it's not "immediate". I may have a space for a schoolchild, but that isn't the sort of vacancy the CIS are talking about - but it may be what a parent wants.

If you go down the childminder route, you may have to make lots of phone calls!

alison222 · 07/07/2006 14:13

Ealing did start to do a service where they were supplying lists to the school and the Early years dept was keeping lists of who picked up from which school. They were gradually extending it around the borough so your school might be included in it. Have you tried to call the school?

alison222 · 07/07/2006 14:17

Oh and just had a look they are obvoiusly still having trouble with thenumbers of vacancies on their websites as mine wasn't updated properly when I looked so I would call those in the area and ask for recommendations from them of others with vacancies. It is very much word of mouth around me.

incognitotoday · 07/07/2006 16:28

alison222 I chcked with the school but the don't have a list and won't recommend as it's their policy. But fortunately a mother overheard me and said 'talk to K' she knows everybody So I did and she gave me a few more names who I will call next week YOu're right, word of mouth seems to be the way to go

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