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AFter school children

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bmz · 06/07/2006 14:08

Can someone advise me please. For school aged children from say 5 years upwards do you complete a dairy diary for them. Does Ofsted require this? regards

OP posts:
HenniPenni · 06/07/2006 14:13

I have three over 8's after school, I don't fill in a diary as I and their parents feel that they are more than capable of telling their parents what they've been doing.

ThePrisoner · 06/07/2006 18:56

I do activity sheets-cum-diaries for the under 5s. I don't do anything for the over 5s, but they sometimes use my activity sheets and fill in their own!

They tend to over-exaggerate everything and the end result is usually very funny (things like "cleaned all the toilets with flannels, tumble-dried the cat, climbed 60foot trees and abseiled down again.")

zoeuk1 · 06/07/2006 20:17

i give my school age children their own diaries to write in. they only write in them every few weeks but it gives them a chance to write about what they've been doing/what they would like to do/what they havent enjoyed/what they think about other mindees etc. i read them and write notes on the page back to them which they like.

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