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Is £7.50 net an hour normal rate for nanny SE?

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Lasvegas · 04/07/2006 14:57

That's it really. Is £7.50 net an hour normal rate for nanny in SE?
Sole charge of 3.8 yr old, for 1 hour before school/ school drop off and 3 hrs after school/collection. 10 hrs a day in some school hols.

OP posts:
vix1 · 04/07/2006 15:04

I would say so, I work in South East - Berkshire and am getting £8 net an hour. So yes I would agree, although will you still pay Nanny for hours in between. I know I couldnt afford to just be paid for 4 hours a day. And in holidays the tax may be different cuz of longer hours/more pay.

Lasvegas · 04/07/2006 15:21

vix1 thanks. I will pay £7.50 per hour and subject to satisfactory 3 month probation period, it will increase to 8.00 per hr. I will only pay for 4 hrs a day, as a split shift fits in with Nanny's home life. In the am she will bring her child with her but not in the evening. I will also pay her a mileage rate when she uses own car to do school run.

OP posts:
vix1 · 04/07/2006 15:23

Sounds like a good job for someone with a child! Have you used a Nanny before? Just wondered if you wanted to ask me any questions while im here?

FioFio · 04/07/2006 15:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Lasvegas · 04/07/2006 16:11

Thanks vix. I do have a question. Say once a week would I be able to ask nanny to pick up a few groceries, on route back from school pick up. I don't mean weekly shop just bread/milk/fruit - stuff that won't last from weekend shop.

OP posts:
vix1 · 04/07/2006 16:29

It depends on the nanny, but im sure that will be fine! I used to offer to get stuff when I went myself, or they'd ask me to pop to shop on way back. I used to do loads of little things, like pick up dry cleaning, walk dog during school hours, ironing, washing, housework, cooking, but thats why I left!
Id have a chat to Nanny, and ask what things she doesn't mind doing and what she wont do, then add it into contract. But for example, if she says she'll do it all, leave a few things out, that will make her appreciate you!
My new employers are great, I only do childs washing, and tidy toys.

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