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should i charge a term time retainer.....URGENT

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Amylouise · 04/07/2006 13:19

I have a lady coming round tonight with a 4 year old boy.

The normal hours are 9-3.30, 5 days a week but in sept it will just be an hour after school (she may even collect herself so i won;t be needed)

Problem is she needs full day holiday care so should I charge a retainer during the term time to hold this place open?

What are your thoughts?


OP posts:
Tinker · 04/07/2006 13:22

But you'll get other kids in the term to look after, no?

Amylouise · 04/07/2006 13:54

yes I have other children during term time.

I just wondered, as you can charge a retainer over the holidays, whether it was the same the other way round.

OP posts:
Katymac · 04/07/2006 14:26

I charge a higher rate in holidays for under 5's

But he will count as an over 5 won't he? - so normal after school and holiday rates should apply

Isyhan · 04/07/2006 15:58

out of interest what do people charge as a daily rate for holidays as we seem expensive compared to holiday clubs.

Katymac · 04/07/2006 17:22

You probably will be holioday clubs are a) staffed by volunteers or b) funded by surestart or local councils

my local one charges £10 for a 10 hr day....I charge £35 for a school age child

ThePrisoner · 04/07/2006 18:44

I certainly wouldn't charge anything during term-time if he is at school, as I assume that this is just a normal school pick-up?? Even if he only needs holiday care, I just do a contract for holiday care only, although I guess other minders might not be happy with that.

Katymac - why do you charge more for under fives during the school holidays? (Not trying to be rude, just interested!!)

dmo · 04/07/2006 20:00

i have 12 before and after children term time but hoilday time i only have 2 of these children as they come before and after school each day i am able in the hoildays to offer them a full time place
i do not charge for a full time place while they are at school but benifit from the full time wage in the hols

Amylouise · 04/07/2006 20:03

Thanks for all your opinions.
The boy is signed up until sept but when he starts full time school the mum will take and collect him so I won't be needed.
Not sure what her plans are for hols but she said she only needs me til sept so just a short term contract for now

OP posts:
Katymac · 04/07/2006 20:37

If a child is at nursery termtime and I am not used - but the mum needs holiday only care, I need to price this carefully as it might prevent me from having a F/T child (as I currently don't have any teachers children)

ThePrisoner · 04/07/2006 21:12

OK, I get it - I had this idea that your rates suddenly jumped up for everyone just because it was the school holidays!

I keep my rates the same for everyone, be they full-time, part-time, whatever age (I'd get myself into a pickle otherwise!)

Katymac · 04/07/2006 21:16

I had to stop charging the same for everyone as I was being used as a luch club

ie pay for 11-2 get a cooked meal - only have to do a snack later, leaving me with a wasted day

I have a very complicated pricing structure now

ThePrisoner · 04/07/2006 21:32

Katymac - don't bother feeding them, that would save you loads of money!

Amylouise - well done for getting some work, albeit only short-term. You never know, the mum may have lots of friends who need a childminder too!!

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