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Legal Aid any experiences

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chloesmama · 28/06/2006 15:17

Hi all,

I am currently looking to claim back money that a parent owes me - the contract isnt fully up yet so i have to wait until it is over before i can start legal proceedings. But i am a bit confused over cost as it states if i am an NCMA member (which i am) then i get free legal advice well i rang them they told me what to do (which i had already done e.g. write letter stating terms and payments owed etc) then they said ill send out pack to you, arrived this morning but how much is all this going to cost me if i have to go to small claims? any other way around it?

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munchkinsmummy · 28/06/2006 16:19

Hi There, I am also a member of the NCMA and am currently in the process of taking parents to court. NCMA solicitors have just asked for 50.00 to issue court proceedings. If i win i get that back, if i loose i won't. Hope that helps.

clairemmcc · 28/06/2006 19:39

Everyone is entitled to basic free legal advice. Look up some solicitors in your local area using the Law Society website and they will be able to give you an overview of what will happen without necessarily taking on your case. You should not have to pay for this advice. If you are receiving any benefits then you may be entitled to Legal Aid, any solicitor will be able to tell you about that if you give them details of your income etc or they may be able to take on your case on a no win no fee basis. Hope this helps

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