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A question for childminders...

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Tinker · 28/06/2006 14:38

...if someone is in your house regularly whilst you look after children, do they have to be police checked? Presume that they do but how many hours per day/week would equal regularly? ie if your mum popped round, she wouldn't have to be checked - I assume?

OP posts:
chloesmama · 28/06/2006 15:07

As far as i am aware - if it is regular then yes i think you do. Dont think there is any min or max time they stipulate as being regular. But i do remember a conversation at a briefing session i had that if they were there "quite often" then yes an Enhaced check would be required.

nannynick · 28/06/2006 18:39

Visitors should ideally be recorded in the signing in book/register. I don't believe that is an Ofsted requirement, but it certainly would not hurt to record such things. If a childcare inspector looked at that book and spotted someone visiting say once a week, then they may decide that the person should have a CRB check.

I'd say that if the visitor is regular, such as the same day every week, then they should ideally be checked... but if it's just the person reading the gas meter, then they shouldn't.

However, some things to keep in mind:

  • CRB checks cost money, someone somewhere has to pay for them. Childminders checks in England are currently paid for by DfES from the taxpayers kitty. It could be argued that this money is better spent elsewhere, healthcare, roads, etc.
  • The person is unlikely (and shouldn't be) left alone with the children.
  • The person would not be doing nappy changing - can't imagine a visitor ever wanting to do that!

  • National Standard -
    1.6 The childminder complies with any condition of registration that includes a requirement to ensure that persons over the age of 16 years living or regularly present in the household when children are being minded undergo checks including a criminal records check.
    6.3 Children are under the direct supervision of the childminder or assistant at all times. Supervision should be sufficient to ensure that children are safe at all times.
    13.1 The protection of the child is the childminder?s first priority.

    From the Guidance:
  • As well as people living in your home, you may well receive visitors while you are looking after
    children such as friends, relatives or trades people. You need to ensure that every such visitor is not left alone with children.
  • you have suitable arrangements to protect children from persons who are not vetted.

    Does that help?
Tinker · 28/06/2006 18:58

Thank you, that is helpful. It's not about me btw, someone I've observed.

OP posts:
ThePrisoner · 28/06/2006 21:29

I've often wondered whether I should insist that all the parents I mind for get CRB checks - they're always in my house!!

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