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live-in nanny and weekend babysitting?

13 replies

catepilarr · 25/06/2006 13:44

do you require your nanny to babysit on a weekend night free of charge? in other words, does weekend babysitting count as one of the nanny duties?

OP posts:

collision · 25/06/2006 14:21

As a former nanny I would say that you would pay extra for babysitting on a Saturday night.


Debbiethemum · 25/06/2006 14:42

I would say - depends what is in the contract.
For example, if I ever had a nanny, I would probably want to put in the contract a certain amount of babysitting (e.g. 1 saturday every 3 or 4 weeks & 1 evening during the week as well) but that would be reflected in the overall wage. I would also have an informal arrangement about swapping saturdays round if mutually agreeable.
Now watch me get shot down in flames !!


nannyj · 25/06/2006 15:30

I'm a live-in nanny and do 2 nights babysitting a week free but it has to be Mon-Thurs. If they want a Fri or Sat they pay me £7 an hour. I personally wouldn't do weekend sitting for free but i've been nannying for 12 years and have done it at the start of my career. If a nanny wants your job enough they will do the babysitting.


pinkandsparkly · 25/06/2006 15:35

If your employers expected you to work evenings/weekends several times a month for no extra pay would you do it?


pinkandsparkly · 25/06/2006 15:51

I went to a nanny job interview once where I was told they would need me to babysit occassionally as part of my job discription (wages offered certainly did not reflect this) but what really got on my top note was that they actually asked that if I accepted the job would I not babysit for anyone else, ever as 'they wanted their Dc to be my no 1 priority', all the time, on duty or off!!!!!!!

Needless to say I turned that job down when they offered it to me!

I think that if you require regular babysitting from your nanny then you should either pay them extra at the going rate or write it into your contract with these extra hours reflected in the pay.


vix1 · 25/06/2006 20:29

Im a Nanny, and am now particular in the type of position i go for, basically I will babysit if I am available, but for an extra fee. I wouldnt agree to it being reflected in the price.
Basically it is because I have a life outside of work, and would not want to spend 5 days a week working and then give up an evening as well. (or know that there is a possibility that I may have too)But would be quite happy for my employers to enquire about if i am free, and about being paid extra.
Luckily my employers are absolutly fantastic, and give me the respect that they would like to be given. They dont see me as 'just' the Nanny, they see me as a person, who has a life outside of their life, and treat me how they would like to be treated if they did my job


MrsSchadenfreude · 25/06/2006 20:41

Pay nanny and au pairs for weekend babysitting. They're not unpaid skivvies and they do have lives of their own! I also pay for midweek babysitting but know that some people negotiate on this in the contract so that weeknight babysitting is free.


Medulla · 25/06/2006 20:45

weekday babysitting is relected in the monthly wage and we pay extra for the weekends


nannynick · 25/06/2006 21:03

For Friday & Saturday nights, I'd say you pay extra.
If your contract includes say 1 night per week babysitting, then that is Sunday-Thursday.

Reason for this... wouldn't you sometimes like your live-in nanny to go elsewhere for the whole weekend? If you tie them into being available say on a Saturday night, then you may never get a weekend to yourselves.


alexh · 26/06/2006 12:02

My nanny babysits twice a week from Mon-Thurs as part of her contract. If she does Fri/Sat/Sum then I pay her extra at the going rate. Actually I usually arrange someone else to babysit a the weekend because she works a long week and she and I both thinkshe needs a complete break!


jura · 26/06/2006 16:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NannyL · 26/06/2006 18:49

Im a nanny and i would NEVER agree to have weekend babysiting in my contract...

im happy to babysit monday - thursday if asked.

im supposed to be paid extra for friday / weekend babysitting.... however the reality is i only babysit about once in 8 weeks anyway....i also get lots of time off during the day in the normal working week, so the 2 or 3 times i have babysat at the weekends i wouldnt dream of charging for it!

still would not have it my contract

My boss always asks me IF i can babysit and the answer can always be yes or no...! (its always yes unless there is a reason why i cant!)


NannyL · 26/06/2006 18:53

(by the way im happy to babysit ONE night between monday and thursday.... not each night

i have 1 babysit in my contract

also i think a couple of times ive babysat twice in the same week.... just cause thats how ity worked for us.

Im not fussy and am very reasonable and flexible... but wont have weekend duties in my contract !

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