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aspenice · 22/06/2006 15:54

What is the difference between a nanny and a au pair?

OP posts:
Skribble · 22/06/2006 16:01

A nanny should be experienced or qualified and can be given full charge of children while you are out, they normally do only childcare duties including childrens laundry and meals. Can live in or out.

An aupair is normally a foreign worker, who works a limited number of hours and goes to language classes, not normally given sole charge of younger children, more of a mothers help than anything, paid a living allowance/ pocket money, can do additional baby sitting. Normally lives in as part of the family. Often young and no experience apart from looking after younger siblings back home, famous for being home sick.

thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 22/06/2006 16:10

a nanny is generally someone employed by a family (or sometimes by 2 families) to have "sole care" of children, ie while you work. they can be live in or live out, they can be qualified or unqualified. an au pair was originally someone who came to the UK on an au pair visa. this allowed them to study in the UK whilst living with a family. they could be paid a small amount of spending money, and in return for that and their bed and board could do a certain number of hours domestic help (eg ironing, cooking tea, the school run, short stints of childcare, baby-sitting). as far as I know this au pair visa system still exists and anyone using that kind of visa is a true au pair. However many people from e.europe don;t need visas now - but still want to live and work in the UK on a similar basis - so, I would argue that they're kind of au pairs - but there is no longer visa restrictions on how long they work and what they can get paid - terms and conditions cna be open to negotiation between you, rather than being stipulated by the visa restrictions ifswim. hence the line between nanny and au pair has become a bit blurred.

Uwila · 23/06/2006 08:22

I think both of these posts are good descriptions of the differences. If you give more details of your situatio, you will probably get more responses.

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