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I'm New and need help!

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aspenice · 22/06/2006 03:58

I am a american and live in California and got this website from one of my scottish friends. I have a 8 month old girl and she is the love of my life but since having her I have had many challenges with my health and she is a super high needs baby. I need help! I want to hire a live in nanny but getting one in the US is ridculous. The wages they want and the care is substandard to me. I have heard of nannies coming from abroad who do an excellent job. Can you tell me where to look? I don't want to go thru an agency either.

I plan on just having someone help me and to become part of our family.



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jothorpe · 22/06/2006 07:15

Noticed a discussion about Nannies working in the USA (via au-pair scheme) on NannyJob

Not quite what you are looking for I expect, but could be a good place to start finding out more about nannies, and how you may be able to get a nanny from the UK.
Note: You will need to check your immigration rules, as there will be restirctions on who can work in the USA, and for how long.


nannyj · 22/06/2006 10:37

Definately go to and you can put in an ad or just ask some advice. To get a British nanny legally you will have to go through an agency that deals with au pairs and i think the age limits are 18-26 years. Plus there are costs to pay but it would be cheaper than getting a nanny from a nanny agency who is older and has more experience and who will charge more money.

You could try Au-Pair in America which is something i did about 12 years ago and it's a cost affective way of getting childcare i believe. The au pairs need to have some experience and it's generally girls wanting to experience life in another culture .

Or try some nanny agencies in London. Natasha at always has jobs in The States, she may be able to give you advice. Hope it all goes well.


jura · 22/06/2006 12:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Uwila · 22/06/2006 12:56

Hi, I'm American too (but I live in the UK). I know an itallina girl who works in California. She said it was really easy to get the visa. Maybe she could help you? I think she has a job, but she might know someone who is looking. If you cat me, I could pass your e-mail along to her.

Look at


Uwila · 22/06/2006 12:59

Sorry, the site is not


fistfullofnappies · 22/06/2006 13:27

hi aspenice,
you want to look on an online DATABASE, as opposed to an agency.
For a database, you typically pay around 30-40 dollars for 3 months membership, then you get contact details for all the au pairs/ nannies on teh database.

For an agency, you pay a percentage of the salary (much higher fee!), and the quality of the service, imo, is variable. is a database, as is


hovely · 22/06/2006 14:27

and try


aspenice · 22/06/2006 15:25

Thank you all for the great links. I am just hoping to find someone.

Uwila, my email is: [email protected]
Please pass this along to your friend. Anyone who knows of a nanny who needs a job please pass my email and name onto them.

Thanks a bunch.

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