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How much reatainer?

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Cherryblossom · 20/06/2006 09:17

Hello ladies, I have someone coming for a second visit tomorrow looking for early september start. It would be 3 day week totalling 24 hours at 4.00 per hour. How much retainer would you ask for?

OP posts:

ayla99 · 20/06/2006 10:23

I would be asking for a 2 week deposit £192, which I would keep until the end of the childcare agreement plus retainer of half fees £48 per week until the start date.



HappyMumof2 · 20/06/2006 10:31

I have a baby starting with me in September and have not taken any retainer. If I were to take a retainer I would probably ask for half fees. I wouldn't take a deposit as it's not too far in advance, but if you choose to I would say 2 weeks too, to be refunded off first month's payment.


alison222 · 20/06/2006 10:32

Do you have the place available now? If so I would agree with Ayla otherwise take a 4 week deposit for the start until the place becomes available and half fees from then on


Cherryblossom · 20/06/2006 13:14

Yes i have the place available now. I don't really want to scare her off by asking for half fees from now and personally, i wouldn't want to be paying that myself should the shoe be on the other foot. I was thinking of asking for 250.00 how does that sound?

OP posts:

Amylouise · 20/06/2006 13:29

I just signed someone for sept start.
A half fee retainer worked out at £360 and I said I'd take £300. She was happy with that.
So far I've taken 2 retainers of £300 and neither parents had a problem with that.
I do tend to cap it at £300 though, I wouldn't charge more than that.

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