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starting nursery what will cm expect?

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lexiemum · 18/06/2006 17:27

can I get a cm that will not charge me for the hours that DD1 is in state nursery?

would be happy to pay a retainer for the 2hrs but is this realistic?

OP posts:

FeelingOld · 18/06/2006 17:33

If I drop off and pick up from nursery I would expect to be paid full fee for the time, if I pick up only and then have child for less than 4 hours would probably charge 1/2 fee for time at nursery (if you wanted me to be 'on call' to pick child up in emergency), if I pick up and have child for 5+ hours then probably would only charge for hours used. Thats just me though.


ssd · 18/06/2006 17:36

round here you would usually be charged for the hours mindee is in nursery as it would be almost impossible for the cm to fill those odd hours/ what would happen if the nursery was closed would you be free for the 2 hours to take care of your dd or would you expect the cm to take her for you/what about school holidays, in-service days when nursery is closed to children/would you be able to leave work to collect your dd if nursery phoned to say she was unwell in the 2 hour period or would you call the cm to do it?

All these things and more are the reasones cm charge around here.

I think getting one who doesn't charge as she has plenty of free spaces is false economy if you know what I mean.


lexiemum · 18/06/2006 17:45

was expecting this

I can collect if ill and anyway cm wouldn't take an ill child would they?

work covers odd days here and there - so training days covered.

only holidays would be an issue but is it not reasonable to negotitate a lesser fee per hour when child in nursery if paying for the full year?

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 18/06/2006 18:30

Is childminder dropping off and picking up?


lexiemum · 18/06/2006 18:41

tbh don't know yet. prob will because want dd1 in pm's but cm's other charge also starting same nursery and doing ams so think i may be "bullied" into ams - given impression on cm face last week. if am's i'll drop off and work a longer day at the other end.

OP posts:

Looneytune · 18/06/2006 18:47

Hang on, 'bullied' doesn't sound right at all. Are you happy with your choice of childminder???

Putting that aside, I would charge if it's both drop off and pick up as there's no way I'd be able to get a child for the 2 hours (or whatever) in between. We are running businesses I'm afraid and some of us need the full time income :(


lexiemum · 18/06/2006 19:05

maybe "bullied" is too harsh but can see where she coming from as will spend all day doing pick ups and drop offs. Then she also does a pick up on other side of town for her grandson on one day so could potentially see this taking priority over my dd.

am looking elsewhere aswell because don't think it fair for dd2 to have all the pick up / drop offs - would much prefer for her to have some children her age as well. So really looking for a cm with one other 1-2yr old plus a schoolage so with my two would make her quota. Or maybe its time to split my DDs up?

I was after the consensus regards charging so I don't look a fool if I ask for a reduced rate for the hours where "caring for" is not involved.

OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 18/06/2006 22:32

If you are asking your childminder to do both the drop-off and pick-up, and it's only a two hour slot, then I think you will be expected to pay something for the time your dd is at nursery (probably full fee, or half-fee if you're very lucky!!)

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