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Husband looking after baby

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KIRST003 · 18/06/2006 08:19

Does anyone else work full time and have their husband/partner look after the kids? I am in this position and it is fine most of the time but sometimes I just get a massive guilt kick and just want to rush home to be with DS.
I think more Dads are starting to stay at home but as hubby is still the only man at parent and toddler I guess this is still very new!

OP posts:
tribpot · 18/06/2006 08:23

Yes, me too. There are a number of people on Mumsnet whose partners are SAHDs.

Mine isn't through choice and actually I still have to do a great deal of the daily childcare myself - which is good, in that I don't miss ds so much, but also very tiring. It means dh doesn't really establish himself with the hv or do toddler groups or anything (he's too ill to do very much) so whenever we do go to baby clinic the hv completely ignores him and just talks to me.

Isyhan · 18/06/2006 11:20

my dh did it for a year. he was great. He admits though that he couldnt have done it for long not because of my dd but it kind of made hime feel less of a man. He went to Drs, toddler groups, libraries, he got stuck into weaning etc.

Katymac · 18/06/2006 11:24

My DH did it F/T until DD was at school (again like tribpot, for reasons of health)

He was/is very going and now has a career in childcare

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