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cm club- birth to three

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Isyhan · 17/06/2006 20:00

What have you guys done with birth to three stuff? Ive got the pack. It looks very nice but Im not sure what i now have to do about it. I am going on Birth to Three matters intro in Sept.

OP posts:

EvesMama · 17/06/2006 20:03

how do you find out about this? not reg yet as have to wait for hose move, but completed training and still cant get info on this??


EvesMama · 17/06/2006 20:03

sorry am moving house, not hoseBlush


HappyMumof2 · 17/06/2006 20:10

I've done a BT3 course as part of cm network....

seemed very basic and still none the wiser really.

Have read through it but that's about it Blush


Isyhan · 18/06/2006 11:17

you just call a surestart number and they send you the pack free of charge but without the course Im not really sure what to do with it.

OP posts:

Katymac · 18/06/2006 11:23

\link{\look here}

B23 is very important and you should try to get training asap - we are using the framework and trying to document it - but as I'm the only one trained, it's hard going

It is really good for the babies and parents (I think anyway)

I really like it


EvesMama · 18/06/2006 20:09

thanks Katymac, have emailed themSmile


ayla99 · 19/06/2006 08:45

Have a look at Sally Featherstones Little Baby Books & Little Book of ... books. \link{\Amazon}?tag=mumsnet&ascsubtag=mnforum-21

There's a B23 support group on Yahoo! Groups. Some childminders have gone through the pack, ticking off the things they are already doing and highlighting the things they want to do. For individual child records, you can create a photo album or scrapbook record divided up into the areas as shown in the B23 pack.

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