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How do I find a child minder?

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Munchkinola · 16/06/2006 19:10

I'm moving house and would like my dd to go to a child minder rather than a nursery. How do I go about finding out what is available? There must be a website or list somewhere but I can't seem to find it.


OP posts:

Tinker · 16/06/2006 19:11

Ofsted site? Local council?


jellyjelly · 16/06/2006 19:15

Childcare link or do a search for children information centre in your new town and they will send out a list of stuff.


Munchkinola · 16/06/2006 19:16

Melton borough council website has no information. Will try Ofsted but am allergic to that site being a teacher Wink

OP posts:

Tinker · 16/06/2006 19:17

Ofsted silly idea actually because doesn't identify cms (unless you know who you are looking for ie their postcode)


Munchkinola · 16/06/2006 19:18

Oooh childcare link seems to be good :)

OP posts:

alison222 · 16/06/2006 19:18

Early years section of the local council have a list of all registered childminders.Sometimes these are also on the council website although not all childminders advertise on the website.
NCMA members can advertise on their site.
Sometimes childminders use the local yellow pages


looneytune · 16/06/2006 19:18

\link{\here's the childcare link website}

This information is fed through from the local councils but it's still worth calling your local childrens information service as not all childminders choose to be listed on the website.

If you need the phone number, it should appear once you have gone into the above link and chosen the area in question.

HTH :)


Tinker · 16/06/2006 19:19

Oh, Direct. gov site also lists some.


Munchkinola · 16/06/2006 20:26

Thank you I now have the name of 4 child minders in Bottesford, 3 of which do the days I need.

Any tips on things to check?

OP posts:

nannynick · 17/06/2006 10:17

I think it would be nice if you could:

Enter postcode in Ofsted's site, get list of childminders. From there, read their reports. Then click a link to get though to local CIS, who confirm if the childminder has vacancies. If so, CIS then pass enquiry details on to childminder. Childminder can then contact the parent.

This is all technically possible, Ofsted and CIS just don't offer it. Why? By CIS doing the contacting of the childminder, the childminders full address need not be revealed... if that's where the concern is.


FeelingOld · 17/06/2006 13:16

Munchkinola - I am about 10 miles from Bottesford so if no luck with the ones you have found I might be able to help you find one, depending exactly where you want a childminder (by the way I am a childminder and know lots of other childminders but in Lincs)


Munchkinola · 18/06/2006 12:33

Thanks feelingold, I work in Grantham so am looking for somone lovely around and between those two places. Any recommendations would be great :)

OP posts:

FeelingOld · 18/06/2006 14:58

I live in Grantham and I am part of the local group and know lots of childminders in this area
Can't do links but our website is (we have only just become an ncma group so there's not many of us on there but I know lots more), or if you would like a little bit more personal help you can email me at e dot [email protected] ntlworld dot com (no gaps).

Good luck with your move.


Munchkinola · 19/06/2006 15:27

Thanks, I checked out the website it looks great.
I work the downtown end of Grantham and couldn't see anyone on the list who lived that end?
I rang Leics child info services and they sending a list out to me and gave me the number for notts and lincs one so hopefully between you all I should end up with a great child minder. Thanks for all your help

OP posts:

FeelingOld · 19/06/2006 16:17

Depending where abouts you are coming into Grantham from/or where joining the A1 I might know some childminders en route (or only a few minutes out of your way). If you don't find anyone or you would like more options just let me know.

Good luck.


Munchkinola · 05/08/2006 12:06


I sent you an email feelingold, did you get it? Not had much luck so far.... my daughter doesn't like dogs

OP posts:

dmo · 05/08/2006 17:59

when you find a childminder check:
their ofsted report
what child eats
where child sleeps
playgroups they go to
mot on car/car seats
age of their children


FeelingOld · 05/08/2006 20:13

Just seen this and have emailed you back.

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