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Leaving baby overnight: first time

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TS123 · 15/06/2006 18:00

I'm planning to attend a wedding out of town and leaving my ds with my pil in several weeks' time. He'll be 9mo old by then. I am still nursing him at bedtime and hope to continue this until his first birthday. I'm planning to introduce him to a sippy cup soon and offering this at bedtime on occasion as preparation for being away (he has never taken a bottle and I don't see the point in introducing one now). I'm worried about how he'll cope with going to bed at their house. He spends a fair bit of time with my mil but never at night (she has never put him to bed). I realize it's only for one night but I don't want to traumatize him. Am I underestimating his adaptability? I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with similar experiences on how their breast-fed baby coped with being left at night and how you handled the "substitute" nursing at bedtime.

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sparklemagic · 15/06/2006 18:05

since you've got several weeks before you go, could you have a couple of practice runs if your PIL would help? Then you could be around while your MIL had her first time of putting him to bed, and could see how it goes for them both?

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