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Do you eat evening meals with your minded children?

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Amylouise · 12/06/2006 17:24

or do you feed all the kids together and then eat later when they have gone?
Not sure what to do.

OP posts:
LoveMyGirls · 12/06/2006 17:27

im going to eat later when the kids are in bed even tho im starving!

nannynick · 12/06/2006 18:20

When ever possible, I eat with the children... though I do tend to have a small portion, and then have a larger meal later. I think it's good to eat with the children, helps their table manners (well sometimes Wink) and can get them to copy, thus try to eat something new.
However, I think it would depend on how many children you are taking of, and their ages. Could be tricky to feed say 1yr old twins, a 2 year old, a couple of 5 year olds, a 7 year old, plus any number of over 8's!

Katymac · 12/06/2006 18:25

Yep - normally one or other of us eats with the mindees & dd

usually the one who is going out that night

occasinally (usually Friday) we get rid of DD, feed mindees and have an evening to our selves and a grown up meal Grin

ThePrisoner · 12/06/2006 18:36

Having sent 10 children home after a very long day, I am pleased to say that I am looking forward to my evening meal and eating it in peace and quiet!!

Actually, none of mine have an evening meal here anyway, so I can't really answer your question, and my own children are now adults (or so they tell me, just wish they'd behave like them).

I did have children staying for dinner a while ago and, no, I didn't eat with them either because they ate at 5pm, and I still had other mindees here. My parents supply all the meals that mindees have here.

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