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advice needed from cms please.......

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bescotmummy · 08/06/2006 20:12

i felt as though my cm recently criticised me in front of another mindee for not letting my child have sweets (child aged 14mths)or biscuits at snack time. i would much rather they have fruit or somthing healthy and have more energy for longer than short bursts and long down times (if that makes sense). how can i tell them that i was upset by her comments when i don't feel that they particularly listen anyway? please help Sad this is my child and i bring them up to not have sweets/sweet things all the time, only very occasionally is she allowed some chocolate. don't want to upset applecart but what do i do?

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looneytune · 08/06/2006 20:25

No advice I'm afraid but as a childminder myself, I'm shocked she would behave this way. I have the opposite problem - I'm mean and only let mindees have biscuits for very occasional treats (and they are those Goodies Organix ones with fruit juice instead of sugar Grin), otherwise it's fruit, rice cakes etc.

Sorry I can't help.

HenniPenni · 08/06/2006 21:15

You could always suggest nicely to your cm that you thought that cmers were supposed to encourage healthy eating? Which we are, I'm fairly strict and my afterschoolies are always moaning because they don't have biscuits and chocolate very often and have never had sweetsGrinwhilst in my care.

Isyhan · 09/06/2006 10:58

Its your child. Whats it got to do with her. If there is a fundamental difference in what she and you consider to be right for a child then switch childminder.

pol26 · 09/06/2006 13:46

I am shocked too Shock I am a cm and normally it's me trying to persuade mum to cut out the sweets and biscuits!
Remember that it is YOUR child and it is YOUR choice and your minder should respect that. If you feel very strongly that she has criticsed you I would tell her.

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