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CM club- OFSTED visit- help and advice needed!!!

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pol26 · 05/06/2006 14:40

Hi there,
I have OFSTED coming next week and wondering what will she do/ waant to do/ like to see etc...
Have one of the early yrs team coming to advise me on Thursday but don't want to appear dumb!
Also when you grade yourself do you think it's bragging to put good in all boxes? Or not???
How long will she stay what will she ask etc.... the more info the better please ladies!
Also said she would like to observe lunch- except my one and only mindee doesn't eat!!! Do I tell her this or just let lunch go on as normal- usually a bit of a battle!
Any pointers to get me on her good side?

OP posts:

pol26 · 06/06/2006 15:05

Can no one help me??????? Sad Sad Sad

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 06/06/2006 15:19

Maybe a couple of hours, i had 2 inspectors who stayed for near to 3 hours, i told the parents that they were coming so they could give review if asked, they didnt. Had all my paperowrk out for them, all files and booklets. They observed us doing painting, watched talking children to the loo and didnt let anything slip at all.

Cant really get them on your side aprt from being professional, friendly and calm. Try to anticipate what could go wrong ie have wipes everywhere, tissues where needed.


ThePrisoner · 06/06/2006 18:45

If you grade yourself as good, you need to be able to back up why you think you are good. An inspector told me a couple of months back that they would be very "surprised" if someone graded themselves as "outstanding."

Have you got your Birth to Three pack? Stick the chart on the wall (they like that.) Do you have photos showing stuff that you do with minded children - they like stuff like that too.

Check through the Standards that you should be working to, and make yourself a checklist that you can work through.

They're very hot on cleanliness - so wash hands for yourself and mindee before and after meals.

How old is your mindee? If still in nappies and you need to change it, make sure you partake in copious hand-washing afterwards, or use gloves. Dispose of nappy appropriately (don't lob it across the room into the bin!)

Make sure your certificate is on display, even it it's stuck by front door with a bit of sellotape.

Have all paperwork ready - includes car insurance (mine checked my MOT too), marriage certificate if you're married ... er ...

... can't think of other things off the top of my head ... will go off and have another think, and I'm sure others will have useful info for you once we get the ball rolling ...


looneytune · 06/06/2006 19:37

Public Liability insurance also needs to be on display these days.

I got pulled up on not changing my towels every day. Basically, as I had one mindee, I thought every other day was ok but I was wrong. Separate towels or change them every day!

Don't deal with anything different to what you would. I let go a slightly bad behaviour as felt I just wanted everything to carry on nicely. I was told I was inconsistent with dealing with bad behaviour! (sorry, must have been 'unacceptable' behaviour as I'm sure Ofsted would never use the word BAD WinkGrin)

Can't think of anything else, think TP has covered it.

By the way, I decided to do sticking (picture making) rather than painting as I didn't want to feel stressed out at all, wanted something nice and easy. My OFTSED inspector loved the fact I had my lounge door covered in mindees artwork so try and have some on display if possible.

If not got multicultural/additional needs things, write a 'wish list' and they should be happy with that.

HTH and good luck :)

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