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CM Club: If mindee gets injured at nursery/pre-school

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looneytune · 05/06/2006 12:08

Collected my ds and mindee from nursery and they both have fallen over and grazed their knees.

Just checking, do I write the mindees injury in the 'existing injuries'? If I'd just picked up mindee and not seen them earlier, I'd just record it but not sure about when it happens between them being with you (i.e. arrived fine, took to nursery, collected and had injury). Presume I don't write it in the accident book as it didn't happen in my care.

Anyone able to help? :)

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looneytune · 05/06/2006 13:19


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Katymac · 05/06/2006 13:21

Did you not get an accident form from Nursery?

I'd put it in your accident/incident book with an explaination that it happened at nursery & get mum to sign


looneytune · 05/06/2006 13:23

No they didn't have anything written down for either of them. It's funny, they have matching grazed knees! Grin

Ok, if I put it down as accident, what about the time? Just put a note saying it happened at nursery and that's it?

I must say, I do wonder why we have to do all these record keeping things if the nurseries don't have to? (or should they be? maybe I will call them?)

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Katymac · 05/06/2006 13:24

It's an incident rather than an accident (I think)

ie when you picked him up this was the situation

Nurseries should esp if there is blood


looneytune · 05/06/2006 13:27

I must say I was wondering which one it is (incident or accident)!

I don't think they were actually bleeding as such but as they have broken the skin (grazed) then there is blood from that iyswim.

I think I will call and check their procedures!

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mumlove · 05/06/2006 13:43

When ofsted last came to see me they said any accidents that happened at preschool or school had to go in the accident book as it is not an existing injury that the parents know of.
You should have also got a letter from the preschool to back up the accident to put in your book.


kizzypie · 05/06/2006 13:46

Hi I thought that it was a standard procedure fror nurseries and schools to give an accident slip every time. I get loads of them virtually every day for my children and mindees who are at school and half the time you cant even see where the injury is.


looneytune · 05/06/2006 13:52

Right, phoned them and they said that they just tell parents and don't hand out slips! They said the infants school does but not the nursery (which is all the same school BTW??!!)

So, this time I will record as new injury but will say it happened at nursery. This mum will be fine but I must say it worries me that they don't give anything to back up the fact it happened there!

Thanks for all your responses :)

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Jensmum · 05/06/2006 13:53

I'm pretty sure it's an incident as it happened away from you, and write it happened at school/nursery

The nursery (at school) that my dd goes to only send home accident forms if a child bangs their head as they say it takes too long at break and lunch to write them out over every accident.


Jensmum · 05/06/2006 13:54

sorry i crossed posts then, it takes me ages to think of what to write

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