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Childminding and wet wet weather!!! Suggestions PLEASE

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ssd · 15/05/2006 16:38

What do you all do if it's a pouring wet day with the mindee's??

We live in Scotland and it rains a lot and I'm quickly running out of ideas!!

Mindees are between 1 and a half and 4 (going on 14)!! Mostly girls too.

Please suggest anything, it would be very much appreciated up here in the rain!!

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 15/05/2006 16:58

change of clothes, umbrella, wellies then jump in the puddles. my kids love it.

Walking in the woods to find what animals come out and why.


ssd · 15/05/2006 17:05

even in torrential rain?

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 15/05/2006 17:15

do you have any soft play places/mother and toddler's groups within reasonable walking distance?


ssd · 15/05/2006 19:16

I'm really thinking of ways to entertain the little ones in doors on a wet dayBlush. sorry if I'm not asking correctly and confusing everyone!

today was spent mostly inside and boy did it drag! we have rain forcasted for all this week and it feels like Friday already Sad

OP posts:

jac34 · 15/05/2006 19:27

I'm not a child minder but I have twin boys,we live in Wales and it rains alot here too,they are older now but when they were small,these are some of the things we used to do.
Apart from the usual baking,craft,painting,playdough,etc.
My boys used to love building tents out of furniture,blankets/sheets and pegs,then I'd let them have their lunch/tea,as a picnic inside.
Also teddy bears/dolls tea party.
Face painting.


cat64 · 15/05/2006 19:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

compo · 15/05/2006 19:38

taking them swimming?


ayla99 · 15/05/2006 21:00

animal charades, fashion show with your dressing up box, make your own pairs game by cutting up 2 argos catalogues, painting (instead of brushes try string, cut up sponges, fruit/veg prints, car wheels, duplo prints etc), junk model building, make your own instruments (paper plate & milk bottle top tambourine, rice or dried peas in drink bottle shakers). make a height or weight chart & measure the dolls/teddies too. Take it in turns to hide the teddy. party games like musical bumps, mr bear's honeypot/the queens keys.


Isyhan · 17/05/2006 09:55

The swimming. I went to my local pool recently and they said I couldnt take children in pool because I had 3 children (all could swim). Do these ratios apply everywhere?


EmmyLou · 17/05/2006 10:22

Put different containers outside to 'catch' the rain or watch it splash off - can even compete (is this a dirty word these days?) and see which container looks fullest by end of day. This might mot occupy them for long, but turns the weather into something slightly more positive/eagerly watched.

Building dens out of sheets and cushions off the sofa went down well with me in the 1970's!


allieballie · 17/05/2006 10:45

re swimming. Where we live its 1:1 adult:child for under 5's and 1:2 between 5 and 7. When our children were 1, 4 and 6 we couldn't even go as a family never mind minded kids.
I find amusing the preschoolers inside all day much easier than the bigger ones.
Cbeebies website prints, the sticky kids cd, acting out songs are favourites in our house.
Millets do all in one waterproof suits (2nd half price) if you're feeling brave enough to go out.

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