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WANTED - Assistant Childminder Hammersmith W6

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silk239 · 14/05/2006 16:52

I am a Professional Child-minder based in Hammersmith W6, seeking an assistant (student or new childminder) to help out with babies and toddlers 3 to 5 days a week. No work experience necessary, but you must:

  • have first-aid training
  • have criminal record disclosure document

(if you don’t have the above, I can advise you on how to obtain it)
  • be a non-smoker

Preferably, you should have some childcare training, but that is not a requirement.

This is a junior position and will suit a student or a new / inexperienced childminder.

Laura 07946 418 354
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silk239 · 16/05/2006 09:06


OP posts:

ThePrisoner · 16/05/2006 18:52

I'm certainly no expert here (others are - Katymac?), but am pretty sure that if you take on someone as an assistant, you are therefore their employer and will have to pay their tax and national insurance etc (??) Hope you will be earning lots of money if this is the case!

If my dd works for me as an assistant on odd occasions, I don't have to pay her because she's "family" (but I'll cook her dinner for her instead!)

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