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Nanny - issues

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riab · 13/05/2006 20:19

Hi all,

I wanted some perspective on this. My nanny is a great girl - obliging etc and good with littleone. However there have been two issues arising lately, she is ill alot - she doens't ake itme off but she is constantly turning up complaining about swollen glands/fever etc. I'm never sure what to say - if she is honestly ill then I expect her to phone in sick and not pass the illness onto my son, if she's not then I really don't want to hear her moan!
Secondly we have an agreement that she gets a basic monthly wage for 130 hrs a month and that hours over and above that are paid as overtime on the day. Now at the end of april she presented me with a sheet with details of the hours she though she had worked - she said she had her holiday to pay for and needed extra cash. The sheet is wrong - do i pay up in the interest of keeping things smooth between us or query it? It comes to £100 which is actually alot when after childcare etc I usually only have a takehome pay of £40 a week.
(won't happen again as I'm keeping a log and getting her to sign it now)

OP posts:
ssd · 13/05/2006 20:23

why don't you both sign a diary of hours worked at the end of the day and total them each month??

I think she's confused and a little at it......

Journey2 · 13/05/2006 22:02

On the money issue, as below right in a diary of hrs worked at hand over time and get her to sign.

Illness: Fevers, she should not be coming into work! Sometimes nannies don't like taking time off work as they know it can be a pain to the employer, but if you are sick, you are sick.
My previous job was as a nanny for 2 children, where my son accompanied me to work.
Regarding illness both my employer and I had an action of letting each other know if we felt a child was coming down with something (a)what it was and how serious it was.. it gave us both a choice on whether I should turn up to work or not. Fevers was a definite stay away, but slight runny nose was not a big deal.
Have a chat with her.

Uwila · 13/05/2006 22:10

I wouldn't pay the extra hours if I was sure they were wrong. But, if she is strapped for cash, I might offer her some additional babysitting or something.

riab · 15/05/2006 19:01

Thanks all,
I'm going to do the maths myself and write her a cheque for the right amount. i'll give her a list of the hours with it and if she wants to query it she can.

I am also taking on board the suggestion of getting us both to sing a timesheet at the end of each week.

Re ilness: ds has had alot of colds, at first I htought he was giving them to her but then I wondered where he was getting them in the first place? anyway tbh there's not alot I can do about it except to send her home if she turns up with a raised temp. I guess my real issue is that at 8am when i need to be getting out the door for work I really don't want to hear about the fact that she's been up since 5am coughing.

OP posts:
Martini · 17/05/2006 20:26

Its a real pain having to listen to moaning about being ill. We had nanny like that and its very nerve wracking as you keep expecting them to call in sick.

As we always paid her when she was sick and she did in fact only take 1 or 2 days off per year, I gave up worrying & used to just sympathise and direct her to the appropriate medicine.

Sorry if I sound like a hard nut but where I work no one would give a toss if you had a cough/ cold/ broken neck - they'd just expect you to work out whether you could do your job or not and act accordingly.

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