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Childminders Club: Babies and their RED BOOK

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looneytune · 08/05/2006 15:30

Just a quick thing that's popped into my head. Are we supposed to ask the parents to keep these in their change bag JUST IN CASE I need to call Dr etc?

OP posts:
jellyjelly · 08/05/2006 17:36

You should have the details on your other forms anyway so i dont ask for it to be in the bag all the time but i do like to have a look to check what health visitors have said re weightgain/feeding any issues so i can help. I think this is more important when the children are really little thought. How old is child?

lexiemum · 08/05/2006 17:42

I don't send mine and probably wouldn't but this is based on experience from visiting A&E with DD1 - all be it we were very stressed at the time (9mths old and just rolled into a radiator pipe) I did remember to take my book to A&E - think I was on auto pilot.

Once consultation (offered book to dr at this stage and got ignored) and treatment was over, I presented the book to them and asked for them to write in treatment etc. They looked pretty dum and got the clinical nurse specialist (most snr nurse on duty!) to write in it but obviously don't do this as matter of course and didn't know what the purpose of the book was for. Therefore, as a result never carry it now unless going to the HV.

also potentially, if you are in this situation you will know all allergies etc when you present at A&E and be able to answer the basic questions and at a guess most parents would be there very quickly and would be able to deal with the historical questions then.

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