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Childminders Club: Routines/Timetables

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looneytune · 05/05/2006 15:21

I'm redoing my timetable as everything has changed within the last couple of months, more so in last couple of weeks. I know most of what I'm going to put down but I'm just curious as to what everyone's meal/snack times are? What time do you serve:

Morning Snack
Afternoon Snack


Many Thanks (again!) :)

p.s. last question for now as baby has just woken up! Will catch up with replies later! :)

OP posts:

ayla99 · 05/05/2006 15:50

I don't have set meal times as it varies -
breakfast has been as early as 7:15, now its 8ish as I don't have any early mindies this term.
am snack usually about 9:30am.
lunch has been as early as 11:20 (for a mindie who had to have lunch b4 the preschool run as was collected early pm) but now is 12:30 ish after preschool run.
pm snack as soon as we get in from school run
dinners about 5:10 pm but has been earlier/later depending on football/brownie runs etc!


jellyjelly · 05/05/2006 15:51

B/F AT 7AM-730 FOR MINE OR 8 for them
10am snack
12 ish
snack at 230.3pm ish depneding on the days sometimes 4.
dinner at 6pm


looneytune · 05/05/2006 15:55

Jelly - you don't feed mindees at 6pm do you?

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 05/05/2006 15:56

No ds but for the school run i do that one at approx 4 so miss out the snack time for that child.


looneytune · 05/05/2006 18:24

Cheers, keep them coming :)

OP posts:

HappyMumof2 · 05/05/2006 18:29

I don't do breakfast - mindee arrives 8.30am and I leave for school. My kids have breakfast at around 8am though.

Morning snack - around 10/10.30am.

Lunch - was 12pm, now between 12.30pm-1pm as dd doesn't finish playgroup until 12pm.

Dinner - again, don't do it, as mindee goes at 5pm, but for my two, 5pm-5.30pm.


FeelingOld · 05/05/2006 19:46

Breakfast - only do this some days, but when I do it's at 7.45/8am
Morning snack - 10/10.30am depending what we are doing
Lunch - 12/12.30pm
Afternoon snack - 3.45/4pm, depends how quickly we get back from school
Tea - 5/5.15pm, that's for my kids and the mindees I feed.

This is roughly how it works out most days.


HenniPenni · 05/05/2006 22:12

Breakfast - 7.30am.
Morning snack - 10am.
Lunch - 12/12.30.
Afternoon snack - 4pmish
Tea 4.45/5pm.


looneytune · 06/05/2006 12:57

Thanks for that, started updating my timetable and it's all over the place so I'll be starting another thread about baby routine's later!

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