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Childminders Club: What do you do about Nappies/Wipes etc?

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looneytune · 05/05/2006 14:51

I now have 3 babies and a toddler in nappies, some provide up front, some in own change bag and another does both (just to be sure).

I'm getting all over the place with bags, who does what etc and I've decided it would be a lot simpler if I just had one change bag with everything I need for ALL mindees (and my ds) rather than carrying different bags around!

So, my question is what do you do? Do you get them to provide nappies and wipes for you to keep at home so you can stock your own change bag the night before? I think this would be a lot easier but would some parents find this cheeky to ask? I have someone who a couple of times hasn't provided enough wipes in their bag and I've had to buy some to use or they've very nearly run out of nappies in their change bag.

I just want to have one way of doing things throughout the week rather than lots of juggling of bags Grin

Hope that makes sense!!

Oh yeah, what do you do about spare clothes? Do you also ask for these upfront and just replace if you needed the spare set one day?

Anything else I may have missed?

OP posts:

ayla99 · 05/05/2006 15:07

I prefer parents to bring a bag each day with spare clothes & nappies for the day, but I tend to go along with what the parent prefers to do.

I do buy my own wipes & bags for emergencies; I also take a couple of nappies out of the mindies supply on the first day so I've always got an emergency supply.

with spare clothes, again i prefer parents to bring each day or at least each week otherwise you can end up with a spare outfit thats too small by the time you need to use it.


jellyjelly · 05/05/2006 15:36

As you know i carry one bag and my handbag and thats it. I got a pack of nappies and i replace as necessary and tell the parents when i need some more giving a bit of notice as well. They provide the creams/wipes (I make it clear that it is for thier child and no one else) to be kept in my bag and i have a set of clothes for each child. Most parents have found this to be great and i rarely take their nappies from their bag and i replace or ask for new clothes as and when.

My parents havent found it cheeky at all, its one less thing to worry about in the evening and it comes across as being prepared.


looneytune · 05/05/2006 15:46

Cheers Jelly - that's what I want really! Although it's a bit of a pain having other people's stuff in ds's wardrobe as no space elsewhere but I'm going to sort through stuff to make more room anyway! Just need a nice big bag like yours now!!! Grin Bloomin Argos stopped selling them :( When you had more mindees, did you used to get your bag all ready the night before? Every day is a different baby or toddler so I think this is what I'll have to do. At least the mid week toddler is changing to a baby soon so will be 3 days in a row which will make it better (also less switching of bedding - yippee!!)

One of the babies is dressed at mine in the morning as she arrives at 6.45am but quite often there isn't another set of trousers etc. so I worry that if she was sick, I wouldn't have anything to replace them so having stuff always here would be better. I was thinking of just swapping them as they grow etc.

Do many of you request this?

OP posts:

looneytune · 05/05/2006 15:47

GrinGrin Just PMSL - the toddler isn't turning into a baby as such, I'm having a change of mindees Grin

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 05/05/2006 15:55

why is it in ds wardbrobe? Didnt understand. Stuff is all ready that night and if i go upstairs i get a pair of trouser for ds and nappies for x and leave them at the top of the stairs till i come down and then collate at the end of the day.
To be fair it really is just the nappies so i might bring down 6 to save the trouble but with so many you might not be able to.


looneytune · 05/05/2006 15:56

ds's wardrobe as no where else i can fit big packs of nappies/wipes - make sense?

OP posts:

jellyjelly · 05/05/2006 16:21

yes it does now, i thought you might be hanging up their stuff.


ThePrisoner · 05/05/2006 18:52

Each minded child arrives with their own personal nappy bag (with lunch, nappies, wipes and, hopefully but not always, spare clothes) for the day.

When I go out, I take my own nappy bag with enough nappies for each minded child, my own wipes, and a sleepsuit and spare T-shirt and trousers (all mine) too. A couple of hours at toddler group doesn't usually involve a nappy change, and spare clothes are rarely required.

If I am going out for the whole day (eg. farm park in the holidays), I would invariably be travelling in my minibus, so I would take the child's own nappy bag, spare clothes etc. Whilst out, if we are walking somewhere for couple of hours, I would just take my own nappy bag and all the other stuff can just stay in my bus.

I don't keep any of the childrens' spare clothes at my house; the full-time baby I have has always leaves a pack of nappies and formula here.


FeelingOld · 05/05/2006 19:55

I work it virtually same as ThePrisoner, I don't carry lots of bags about with me.

I also make sure that I have a packet of nappies at home of my own just in case they don't put enough in and I also have some spare clothes/socks of my own too just in case (these have mostly be given to me by very nice friends).

On the rare occasion I have to use my nappies, mindees parents usually send extra next day to replace them although I don't ask them to, they are just very nice people :)

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