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CM Club: Mindee not arrived, SCHOOL RUN in 1 min - what do i do?

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looneytune · 05/05/2006 08:15

Supposed to take my ds to school now but mindee who was due at 8am isn't here. Will try and contact them be would you wait? Ds only started school last week - am annoyed! Angry

What would you do?

OP posts:

soapbox · 05/05/2006 08:19

Go to school at usual time - you can't make your DS late for school because this child is late!


brimfull · 05/05/2006 08:21

leave message on the door


looneytune · 05/05/2006 08:21

so annoyed. phoned mum, she's blaming dad and we can't get hold of him. gonna go now and just hope not late! i've had not stop messing around from this family BUT they've had lots of problems so I've been nice about stuff. getting fed up now though :(

OP posts:

grumpyfrumpy · 05/05/2006 08:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jellyjelly · 05/05/2006 12:13

what did you do lt?


jellyjelly · 05/05/2006 12:47

what did you do lt?


looneytune · 05/05/2006 13:59

Thanks everyone. There was a good reason and I got apologies from dad when he got here. I went on and made them wait and luckily due to traffic not being a problem today, we did actually make it in time. I just hope this is the end of it as every week (well most weeks anyway) there is something! I feel bad as this poor family are going through SOOO much but after a lot of things being changed at last minute etc, I'm just beginning to get a little put out by it. Oh well, they know that I will be leaving at 8.15am in future so if they are not here, they have to wait :)

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