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Team pep talk please - finalising nanny contract etc........

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copey · 03/05/2006 20:13

Newly hired nanny (thank God!!) Coming around tomorrow night for finalising contract. Have downloaded a couple - anyone recommend any or have one for me to steal? Am soooo blown away with the whole process I have forgotten what I have learnt! Any top tips? I need to re-focus!!

OP posts:
bluebear · 03/05/2006 20:31

I recommend the one from the nannyjob website - I downloaded a few and it was def. the best IMO.
Remember as well as the contract you need a job description that details what you expect from her - eg. what 'nursery duties' entail, if you want the children to get outside at least once a day,

I did a folder for my nanny, with sections on 'What we like to eat, What we like to play, Fun places to go (especially free ones) and a timetable showing how their day runs..also emergency phone numbers, granny's number, dr's number etc.

Also I made sure we had a good first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the kitchen and looked about for obvious 'hazards' eg. replaced oven glove that had a hole in it - but I am a bit paranoid :o

And remember to ask the nanny if she has any questions before you all sign (mine wanted to know whether the garden could fit a 10foot paddling pool (!) )

Good luck

Uwila · 03/05/2006 21:12

I have one. You are welcome to it if you CAT me.

Outline appropriate disciplinary action. What qualifies for immediate dismissal. What gets the usual 1. verbal warning 2/. wrotten warning and 3. dismissal.

What do you want the notice period to be? What are her hours and are they subject to change? You may want a probationary period where say there is a weeks notice to terminate contract.

Do you want a nanny diary? If so, put it in her duties.

Put in that you will pay SSP only for sick days. You can always pay her for her sick days. But if the occassion comes where you can't pay (i.e. is she is suddenly off sick for two months) then you are covered. Or (God forbid) if you have a nanny who pulls sickies you can not pay her, hence encouraging her to show up for work. BTW, I have never not paid a sick day. This is in my contract just in case I need to fall back on it. Thankfully, I haven't had to do that.

copey · 03/05/2006 21:32

Thanks Uwila, how do I Cat? My home email is [email protected] - It is really kind of you!!

OP posts:
copey · 03/05/2006 21:38

Really cheeky I know! But I am so you have a list of your nannies duties that I can look at to see if I have left any out? Can't believe I am asking - i feel really cheeky - sorry Blush

OP posts:
Uwila · 04/05/2006 07:58

No problem copey. It's not cheeky at all. Glad to help. I'll e-mail you the contract shortly.

Good luck!

Uwila · 04/05/2006 11:30

How is it going? Have you got house rules? List of agreed duties? How is she going to work expenses? Some people have a petty cash tin in the kitchen they keep topped up and nanny digs in when she needs groceries or whatever for the kids. I have an expense form and front the nanny £130 each month to cover her phone bill and the month's expenses. She then provides receipts for £100 by end of month. And if I even ask her to pick up any groceries or clothes or anything I give her additional money for that.

matnanplus · 04/05/2006 11:39

copey, as a nanny i liked it when everything was listed, ie changing the bin bag, ensuring that all bins empty for bin day, taking car to be serviced, other extra one nanny jobs, also the parents expectations like a daily outing to park/ducks/swings as well as an activity, eating out, whether toddler should be walking or if they prefere toddler to be in buggy, use of public transport, nanny friends and charges over to play/ eat, where you want your children to sleep ie at home or ok in buggy for all day outing.

Be precise on house rules ie phone calls, shoes off/slippers on, also laundry, childrens rooms, (her room), cooking, diet.

All the best

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