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when is a snack not a snack?

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zoeuk1 · 02/05/2006 18:56

i was just wondering what other minders would class as a snack. for me my hourly fee includes all snacks and drinks which is stuff like juice,milk,fruit,breadsticks,slice of toast,biscuits etc. its just that th 10yr old i mind is gradually having more and more to eat. she doesnt require a meal so has snacks after school. shes asking for more and more. shes started to have two slices of toast,bradsticks,couple of biscuits and drinks after school. i dont mind but should i start charging her mum? today she wanted cheese on toast and other stuff.

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jellyjelly · 02/05/2006 18:59

I assume you run through what has happened each day and maybe suggest that as she is really hungry did they want a meal to be cooked by you? Does sound like they are eating alot.


zoeuk1 · 02/05/2006 19:01

she is eating alot. her mum said shes got a few problems at home and thinks shes comfort eating,however i feel that im starting to get out of pocket.£3 per hour and as much as you can eat!!

OP posts:

agalch · 02/05/2006 19:09

I would make a sandwich and offer 1 piece of fruit only(with a drink)and if she asks for more just say no thats snacktime over.If she is complaining still ask mum to give her whatever extra snacks she needs to bring with her.I think a s/wich and fruit is more than enough for a snack if she then goes home to an evening meal.


jellyjelly · 02/05/2006 19:36

I would offer 'boring' snacks not things like crisps/biscuits which we can all crave at times.


ThePrisoner · 02/05/2006 22:57

My snacks for afterschool children will be a piece of fruit, or a small bowl of dried fruit (sultanas, raisins, apricots etc), or a "few" mini breadsticks, or a couple of crackers and cheese, or a couple of sweet biscuits. If I have any children for much longer hours, they sometimes have another small snack a bit later if they are hungry.

I don't think I offer very much really, but the children seem happy with what they have.

If parents want the child to have something more substantial or a complete meal, then they would have to supply it themselves.


milward · 02/05/2006 23:01

Could she bring it herself - have your snack & after that anything else has to come from home.


cat64 · 02/05/2006 23:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

alison222 · 03/05/2006 13:37

I would class some fruit and a cracker or two or a couple of biscuits as a snack. Mind you my after schools are only 5 and 6.
If they say they are still hungry I offer more fruit. Often they are just trying to see how many biscuits they can get and so when offered fruit they decline.
Also I don't want to put them off dinner although the 6 year old goes home for his and I think eats quite a bit later than mine.
I would be tempted to charge if the snack is turning into more like a meal.


looneytune · 03/05/2006 14:49

Grin I had similar thread last year - if I can find it I will bump it for you!


zoeuk1 · 03/05/2006 14:52

i think i need to be a bit stricter. i feel bad saying no to the kids when they ask for stuff. they can have as much fruit and drinks as they like. its just that one of them keeps asking for other stuff all the time.

OP posts:

looneytune · 03/05/2006 14:54

I can't find my old thread in archieved messages??? Anyway, I was completely taken for a ride - my 9 yr old mindee even had me buy a fresh pineapple for her when no one else likes it. What a fool I was.

I no longer have that age group Grin (until I am more used to how to deal with them!)


ThePrisoner · 03/05/2006 22:41

I remember your thread looney!! I remember reading some posts as if I was looking at a posh restaurant menu - some minders were definitely being taken for a ride (mentioning no names!!!)

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