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mothers helps?

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oranges · 02/05/2006 14:37

Does any one have a mothers help? I have just had a baby and want to stay at home, but have a chance to work for a few hours a days, from home, if I can just get someone to come in and look after the baby for about three hours. I vaguely remember someone telling me about mothers helps but have no idea what they charge, or where I find one in London. Any ideas? Thank you. Smile

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marthaplatypus · 02/05/2006 14:53

I advertised for a mother's help on gumtree a year ago when dd 2 arrived. I interviewed a variety of people. I suggest you look on their website and see what other people advertise for and then decide what you want. I paid £7.50/hour in central London. I was very clear in the interviews that I needed someone to 'muck in' ie perhaps do some ironing or help with cooking rather than always looking after daughters. The person who ended up working for me was sweet and very amenable. Good luck!

oranges · 02/05/2006 15:03

Thank you! That sounds just what I need - someone to give me a hand with the laundry, and keep an eye on him

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HappyMumof2 · 02/05/2006 16:30

whereabouts in London are you? You could also try Simply Childcare. You often find mums wanting to fill a few hours whilst their children are at school. I did this kind of nannying when I had ds at school and was looking for part time work.

oranges · 03/05/2006 11:41

I'm at Borough, 2 mins from London Bridge station. How much did you charge, if you don't mind me asking? And does simply childcare have a number or website?

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