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CM CLUB - Mains operated smoke alarms

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saltire · 02/05/2006 12:26

A couple of people i know are having problems with their registration with the Care Commission because of new legislation that states that all new childminders must have mains operated smoke alarms in their house. This includes people who are already registered and move house. One friend has been childminding for 6 years, has moved 2 streets away and they won't give her a registration certificate for her new house because she doesn't have the correct smoke alarms. I was told at my inspection a few weeks ago that it will become a requirement for every CM in Scotland. However, her problem, like mine is that we live in rented accomodation (military) and they are refusing to put the appropriate equipment in.
I just wondered if any other CM's in scotland had similar problems with their landlords, and how their were resolved

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mrspitt · 02/05/2006 14:39

I will be keeping an eye on this thread cos i just read that with the new scma newsletter. I'm looking to increase my numbers but think i may have to put in these smoke alarms. I would also be interested if you get any financial help to do this aswell.

lunavix · 02/05/2006 14:41

Are these the ones you screw onto the lightbulbs?

mrspitt · 02/05/2006 14:43

No they've got to be mains powered so effectively wired into you're household. They must also have a back up power supply!

saltire · 02/05/2006 14:43

lunavix according to the woman i spoke to at the CC she said they have to be connected to your mains electric supply ( probably cost a fortune to run). I pointed out that as part of our policies and procedures we are supposed to do fire alarm checks and fire drills every month, which i do, so why are they changing it?

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BettySpaghetti · 02/05/2006 14:47

It might be worth checking if you can use these - \link{\Smoke Angel or Fire Angel}.
They are accepted by Building Control in most areas when a new extension or conversion on a house legally requires mains powered alarms.
They plug into your mains light socket (you can still use the light) and therefore are not battery operated.
It might be worth checking with whoever deals with the registrations.

saltire · 02/05/2006 14:49

Knowing the CC they won't accept those

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